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Title: SouthWestern Kansas Ren Festival
Post by: JacqueSwa on February 24, 2020, 04:51:31 PM
Hi everyone

I am one of the coordinators for the Scott City Renaissance Festival in Scott City Ks.  LOL...Small town with some pretty lofty ambitions.  We are mostly working hard to bring the world of Ren Faire to this area and are always looking for advise.  1) how do we get and keep artisan vendors.  We want those who come to the middle of the US to like being with us enough to want to come back next year.  Greatest praise is when people want to come and play with us in the coming years.  2) what were some of the growing pains the larger fairs learned from?  and 3) At what point do people think faire become work?  Rather than fun. 

Needless to say we want vendors, actors, and customers alike to enjoy their time with us and we really want to provide a welcoming fun environment for everyone!...Grab an ale.  Send the kids to the kids kingdom and become the heroes, ladies, Viking Shield Maiden, hooded hunter, or pixie of ones dreams.  Any advise is much appreciated. 
Title: Re: SouthWestern Kansas Ren Festival
Post by: Craigmeister on March 02, 2020, 11:20:29 AM
Good day.  A good person to ask would be David H. Leroy.  (You can find him on the Book of Faces.)  He ran a Renfaire in Great Bend, Kansas for about 5 years.  He's also a vendor.

I live in Tulsa but am considering attending your event on the first weekend of May.  Is there much shade on your grounds?  One drawback for the Great Plains Renfest in Wichita is that there is not much shade in their festival area.  I have a page on my website that gives lots of advice that I've heard and read over the past 12 years on running a Renfest.  There's a link on it to a thread on these forums as well.  Lots of good stuff in that thread. (