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Mundane Topics / Re: Re: Two words!
« Last post by KiltedPrivateer on Today at 06:41:22 AM »
disaster recovery
Squire's Tavern / Re: Year-Round Merriment!
« Last post by laedyfaire on Today at 05:02:27 AM »
that is good news :) I do always check your site to stay up to date on all the faires. Thanks!
Mundane Topics / Re: Two words!
« Last post by laedyfaire on Today at 04:58:28 AM »
vacation disaster
Mundane Topics / Re: Two words!
« Last post by Lord Argyl of Lochdubh on Yesterday at 12:12:19 AM »
Germany vacation
Minnesota Renaissance Festival / Re: MNRF Use Permit revoked
« Last post by groomporter on December 05, 2022, 11:25:07 AM »
And I've just heard from two cast members that "Fud" the entertainment director since Hagerman left has just resigned. His statement (I assume on a cast member group) said that he and MAF could not come to an agreement about how to proceed.
Mundane Topics / Re: Re: Two words!
« Last post by KiltedPrivateer on December 05, 2022, 10:56:04 AM »
Cologne Germany
Minnesota Renaissance Festival / Re: MNRF Use Permit revoked
« Last post by groomporter on December 04, 2022, 09:45:31 AM »
Statement from MNRF on their artisans FB group/

To our valued Participants,
As many of you are aware. Scott County commissioners and staff have been meeting and discussing issues pertaining to the festival mostly relating to traffic impacting some local businesses and neighbors.
A reporter from the Star Tribune called asking us to comment on actions being contemplated by the Scott County board of commissioners. We sent the reporter the following statement:

“The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is a family tradition that has been an important fixture in Scott County for almost 50 years. The Festival brings people together from throughout the region who enjoy the wholesome entertainment it provides. Many local businesses, artisans, entertainers, volunteers, schools, and organizations benefit from the Festival.
The Festival has complied with the Conditional Use Permit that enables it to operate on its site in Scott County. The Festival denies any violation of the Permit. After seeing and hearing the facts, the County should agree with the Festival’s position and keep the long standing Permit in place.
At the public hearing on November 15, numerous individuals spoke out in support of the Festival. Even the individuals who raised concerns about traffic acknowledged the importance of the Festival and said they wanted the Festival to remain operational.
We are committed to working collaboratively with the County staff, elected officials, local business owners and our neighbors to mitigate the traffic issues they have raised. We are optimistic and confident that, together, we can reach an amicable resolution.”
We will keep you apprised.
Mundane Topics / Re: Two words!
« Last post by Lord Argyl of Lochdubh on December 04, 2022, 12:28:36 AM »
guy cologne
Port of Call / Re: EL LOBO DEL MAR
« Last post by Welsh Wench on December 03, 2022, 08:42:36 PM »
Three months prior....

Dr. Drake Gander put away his stethoscope and patted Morwyn on the shoulder.
“Not too much wrong with you, lassie. Just a bad cough.”
He turned to Megan. “She will be fine. I will send over an elixir that I can mix in my office. Just some herbs in honey and she will be as right as rain in a few days.”
Megan put her hand over her chest. “Oh, thank heavens! You know I worry so. You’ve been a godsend to this family ever since you pulled me out of that fever when I arrived here.”
He smiled at the compliment.
“And have you heard from our intrepid travelers lately?”
Megan smiled. “I got my first letter the other day. Jack’s grandmother made amends with her errant grandson and welcomed them with open arms.”
“When do you expect them back?”
“Knowing Jack, probably in about six months. He has some notion of trying to find the Stone of Scone. You know that man can’t resist an adventure.”
“As I so well know. I am glad Honour is with him to balance out his exuberant spirit. She’s the voice of reason with him.”
Megan began to thumb through the packet that Daffyd had left on the kitchen counter.
“No...nothing more from them...wait a minute! There seems to be two letter here for you!”
She handed them to Duckie.
“Oh….Jack said I can receive my letters at his home since I am rarely at mine and it is more secure.”
He turned it over in his hands.
“Hmm...a letter from the University of Glasgow. I wonder what they could want with me.”
“Only one way to find out. Open it up!”

Duckie perused the letter quickly.
“I don’t believe it. The medical division wants me to come to Glasgow—all expenses paid—for two months to oversee their studies on herbal remedies.”
“How wonderful! When they want you to start?”
He looked at the letter again.
“Oh...right away. Good grief, I would have so much to do. Bookl passage and get my associate—that is the young Dr Mallard—prepared to take over. I suppose I can leave by the end of the week. It’s a wonderful opportunity! And I haven’t been back home since---well, that incident with Rose.”
“Who is the other letter from?”
He turned it over and looked at the return address.
“Oh dear. Speak of the devil. It’s from Rose!”

Megan frowned. “I wonder what SHE wants.”
She looked at Duckie with curiosity and expectation and was disappointed when he put the letter in his pocket.
“I’ll deal with it later. If she is sending me a letter, it can’t possibly be good.”


“Josiah? Josiah Briggs—are you home?”
Renee came out of the parlour. “Why, Dr Duckie! I haven’t seen you in a month! Are the residents of Bridgetown keeping you busy?”
Duckie made a sweeping bow. “Why, if it isn’t Renee Bertrand, as I live and breathe!”
“Now what makes you think the honourable Josiah Briggs would be here?”
Duckie poured himself a snifter of brandy.
“Because, Renee, it is a not-so-secret secret that Josiah is living here. And with his lad, Phillip.”
“Alright, so yes, Josiah and Phillip are living here. But for all you know, maybe Josie is renting a room here for himself and the boy?”
Duckie practically choked on his brandy. “Everyone knows that Josiah has been in love with you for years, love. And I’ve seen the glow on your face and the way you look at him when you think no one is looking. And I know you have become a surrogate mother to the lad. And a finer mother I couldn’t imagine. You are very progressive minded and Phillip will benefit from that.”
“Alright so I am busted on this. Duckie, I have never been happier. Or contented.”
“Any wedding bells?”
“Don’t rush things, Ducks. We are working on our relationship. So what brings you by? Business or pleasure?”
“Well, I would say it was a surprise I received. One I am not sure how to handle.”
“So what is it? Talk it out and we will come to a solution.”

Duckie pulled a letter out of his vest pocket.
“This. I received it in the mail and I am afraid to open it.”
“How can you be afraid of a piece of paper? You have no debts, you have no wife to hound you for a dissolution of marriage. Are you afraid you have inherited a fortune?”
He shook his head. “It’s from Rose.”
“Rose? As in your sister who married well? Rose? As in ‘I think I will wreck Jack Wolfe’s life several times over?’ Rose, as in.---”
“Yes, yes, we all know her past sins. I hope she doesn’t want to relocate to Barbados and move in with me.”
“So why don’t you open it?”
“Because I don’t want to read it by myself.”
“And since Josiah knew your sister, you wanted his input.”
“But Josiah is not here. He’s out to seeing to some molasses getting ready for shipment to Captain Harkness. El Lobo should be back any time now and will be sailing within the month.
Josiah is taking the ship and taking Phillip with him. So….will I do?”
Duckie looked relieved. “Will you? Please? I am afraid to read it.”

She held her hand out. “That envelope isn’t going to open itself, Ducks. Hand it here.”
Renee picked up an ivory letter opener from her desk and deftly slit the envelope open.
“Are you wanting to read it or shall I?”
Duckie rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. “You do it. I can’t face any disasters from her.”
Renee skimmed the letter quickly, her eyes opened wide and she tried to suppress a smile.

“Dear Drake,
     I know it has been a while since I have written. Alright so about two years. But I have some news.
As you remember, I left El Lobo del Mar in a heap of shame. My time on that ship was an eye opener. When I saw how happy Jack and his wife—I still know her as Rhiannon—were, I got to thinking of my own life.
I arrived back at my estate and began to take a good, hard look at it. All I could see was cold walls, empty-eyed portraits of people I never knew staring back at me and the liquor. I began to realize that the liquor was the only thing that was numbing me from seeing what I was missing. And what I had become.
    While I wasn’t in love with the Earl, we did have a mutual respect. Did I miss him when he passed away? If I was honest with myself, I would have to say no. He brought into the marriage what I thought I wanted. Riches, an estate and a title. I was what he wanted. A wife to entertain his various friends.
      As we had no children, there was no heir to inherit the title and estate. When I died, the title  would revert to his brother’s son. As it was inevitable, I contacted Malcolm—that is the nephew’s name---and arrived at a settlement with him. I would relinquish all lands and titles and claims on the estate. Malcolm, in turn would provide me with a lump sum settlement and an annual pension that would keep me comfortable.
   I decided to do a bit of traveling and decided to see our cousin Maude in Derbyshire. She introduced me around and at one dinner, I was seated next to a charming, handsome man named Lord George Derby of Derbyshire. Yes, he is landed gentry—a country squire—and has an estate. But it is not what you think. I was not looking for a husband or even a paramour.
But Lord George was so fascinating and charming and I couldn’t resist.
So this may come as a shock but I fell in love. Genuinely, madly in love with him and married him a year ago. I know you are going to laugh—but I am proud to announce your dear sister is now—and I can hardly believe it—the proud owner of a sheep and goat farm!
     George is very hands-on with the operation and is teaching me the finer points of breeding and shearing. Last week, I sheared a sheep by myself for the very first time! I have a few herding dogs that I am training by myself and they are obeying quite well.
      Drake, I am so very ashamed of what I used to be. The time you spent with me was like you were holding a mirror in front of me and I saw myself exactly as you saw me—a vain, selfish woman who thought nothing of people’s feelings.
But I know you would be happy to know I have changed and have found the happiness I so longed for even if I didn’t know it. 
     I hope Jack and Honour will find it in their hearts to forgive this foolish woman who tried to sabotage their marriage. I don’t know if I can ever forgive myself for it.
I did send a letter of apology to Rhiannon’s sister Lady Llewellyn but it came back as undeliverable. I do hope they are well. The postman could not find a Bancroft Hall.
     I will conclude this letter with my hopes for happiness in your life. I hope you are happy for me and please wish me well.
When you get back to England, you will always have a place to stay here. Just ask for Derby Farms and that is where you will find us. George is looking forward to meeting his brother in law.

                                                                                       With all my love,


Renee handed Duckie back the letter.
“I swear, Renee, I don’t know what to say.”
Renee gave Duckie a hug. “I think the letter shows genuine repentance and honestly, she sounds really happy. It is nice to know there is still room for redemption in the world.”
Duckie stood there, still staring at the letter and carefully reading it to himself.
“Rose...a sheep farmer? Shearing sheep? Raising herding dogs? This is a woman who wouldn’t pick up a piece of paper she dropped. She would ring for the servants.”
“I take it you are happy for her.”
“If it is true, yes I am. But I would have to see it with my own eyes.”
“So what are you going to do?”
He smiled broadly and said, “I think I am going to take a longer leave of absence from the practice. I will take a few extra weeks.”
“To get situated in Glasgow?”
“Not only that. I’m going to go to Derbyshire! This I have to see!”
Port of Call / Re: ZARA
« Last post by Welsh Wench on December 03, 2022, 08:34:22 PM »
Zara looked around the room as Phillip latched the last of their trunks.
“Well, I guess that is it,” he said.
Zara walked over the window and looked out over the hills and the pine trees, with a view of the river. She let the lace curtains fall back.
“It is such a lovely view. But I don’t have many fond memories of it outside of Uncle Will’s house. Except for that one day.”
Phillip put his arms around Zara and leaned her into him.”The day we went to Suffolk and came home a married couple?”
She closed her eyes and smiled. “Yes. That day. I will never forget it. But let’s talk about how we are going to handle the announcement to our parents—and how you are going to unhandle your problem fiancee—once we get on the ship. We will have lots of time to figure it out.”
“I’ll go downstairs and see about getting these trunks sent to the ship.”

Zara was checking the drawers and under the bed to make sure she left nothing behind when there was a knock at the door.
“Come in.”
Dilcey came in and said, “I wanted a private word with you before you leave, Zara.”
Her eyes filled with tears as she blurted out, “Oh, how I am going to miss you!”
Zara felt the tears well up in her eyes too.  “Oh, Dilcey! You have been a rock to me the whole time I have been here. I don’t know what I would have done without you here.”
Dilcey blew her nose and sat down on the bed with Zara.
“I knew I could never take the place of your mother but I tried to watch over you.”
“You gave me a shoulder to lean on and a woman to confide in. My mother couldn’t have done a better job.”
“I never wanted to take her place. But I could see that you were lonely and homesick.”
Zara smiled. “You were the keeper of Phillip and my secrets and for that I will be eternally grateful.”
Dilcey reached into her pocket and drew out a small box with a pink ribbon attached.
“Here. This is for you.”
‘Oh, Dilcey! You didn’t have to!”
“Zara, in the few months you have been here, you have been like a daughter to me. As I never had one, I imagine if I did, she would have been just like you. Getting into all sorts of trouble and being able to jump out and land on her feet. I’ll never forget the day you got caught in that monsoon and came home a disaster!”
“And then Andrew Peffly had the nerve to ask me out again. And proposed. Or at least that was his first intention. As for the other….well, I guess he learned you don’t mess with Zara Wolfe unless she wants to be messed with!”
“And then the duel….”
Zara’s eyes took on a faraway look. “I was never so scared in my life. Not even the incident with Tristan Culley could compare to that. How I almost lost Phillip.”
“Go ahead and open the box.”

Zara opened it and inside was a bracelet of braided gold.
She gasped, “Oh, Dilcey, it’s just beautiful!”
Dilcey helped her clasp it on. “It was a gift from my first husband. His grandfather had a farm in Ireland and digging one day, he found a hoard of gold. Coins and some jewelry. It was from the Viking era and he told no one about it. He kept it and gifted my grandmother with it through the years. My sister and I ended up inheriting  most of it. These earrings I am always wearing is part of it. But as I said, you have been like a daughter to me and I want you to have it. And when you wear it, maybe you will think of me and the times in Virginia won’t seem so unpleasant.”
Zara reached out and hugged Dilcey. “Oh, how I wish you could come to Barbados and live!”
Dilcey laughed through her tears. “I would love to---but who would take care of Captain Harkness? Lord knows, he needs looking after!”
“And you do it so well! He’s so in love with you, you know.”
“I know.”
“Do you think you would ever get married?”
“Oh heavens no! Why spoil a good thing!”
They both laughed.
“Marriage suits you, Zara. And you couldn’t have picked a finer man.”
She nodded. “I know. One problem.”
“What is that?”
She sighed. “How am I going to tell my parents?”
Dilcey hugged her and said, “Don’t be too surprised if they already have figured it out.”
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