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Title: My little Vardo
Post by: isabelladangelo on May 06, 2014, 03:42:43 PM
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photo 2 ( par Isabella (, on ipernity

This is how I will camp this year for at least a couple of faires and Pennsic.   I just repainted the vardo and it looks *so* much better.   How will you be camping?
Title: Re: My little Vardo
Post by: Hausfrau Monica on May 06, 2014, 04:05:05 PM
Such a pretty vardo. We are thinking of building one some time in the future. Any chance of inside pictures please?
Title: Re: My little Vardo
Post by: isabelladangelo on May 06, 2014, 04:22:13 PM
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014 ( par Isabella (, on ipernity

This was more of the lamp.  Where the pillows are- the bench backs there fold down to create a platform for a twin sized bed.  The rolled up with pink ribbon mattress at the bottom of the picture fits perfectly on the platform.   However, when I'm traveling or during the day, I keep the the bench backs "up".  This way, I can invite guests in and they have a place to sit.  The table does fold down nice as well.  :-)


This is from the bench area looking back towards the door.  There is a dorm size fridge and a kitchen sink.  :-)   

I bought my vardo a little over a year ago from a guy that makes them in Wisconsin.  I *love* it.   Despite the way the pictures look, it has a ton of room.  I keep all the blankets, sheets, and many other accessories for the vardo in the vardo year around.   I have dresser drawers for my garb and plenty of shelving for kitchen supplies. 
Title: Re: My little Vardo
Post by: David Ketchum on June 19, 2015, 06:20:36 AM
That's wonderful.  I've never camped but I would really like to get a Vardo also.  Where do you put them ?  With the tents or the RVs ?  Do you leave it hooked up to your vehicle ? Or drive it to the camp area and then unhitch and move your car/truck to the parking area ?

Looks fun

Title: Re: My little Vardo
Post by: isabelladangelo on June 25, 2015, 08:43:24 PM

My shepherd's hut gets parked typically in any tent like space.   It's not very big - 8'x10' - so I haven't had to park with the RVs.  When I'm camping, I unhook it and put a lock on the hitch to prevent theft.  (Not that it will prevent a determined thief but it will stop 90% of thieves simply because you'd need bolt cutters to get through that thing.)  I then just park my truck in the normal parking area.   

This year, I'm building a solar generator to help power it.  It has a dorm fridge inside and I have bad food allergies so this will help with my food situation.   

If you are interested in shepherd's huts, check out tinyhouselistings dot com.   Most of the time they are $$$ because of the interest in tiny houses now but you can still find deals once in a while.