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Title: Bill Johnston's Pirate Days
Post by: Lady Rebecca on July 16, 2009, 04:06:05 PM
Has anyone been here before? A friend and I were thinking of checking it out, but their website ( doesn't seem to have much.
Title: Re: Bill Johnston's Pirate Days
Post by: Lady Amy of York on August 13, 2009, 04:18:42 PM
   I live  right near  there.   I have  never been,  but  from  talking  to a few  people  who have   gone, it is  very  crowded,  and  is  just another excuse   for  people  to get  together  and  get  drunk.    They say it is  nothing  like   a   renaissance festival. ( gee,  you mean  you  don't  get  drunk at  ren  faires   :D ;) )
  I have  seen pictures  posted in  the local  newspaper  from years  past,  and  they  do have  a pirate  ship  thats  sails  i nto  the harbor  and  they put on a  mock battle. 
   They have  a  small parade  and  people  line  both  sides  of  the  steert  to  watch.  Looked  very  crowded  in the  pictures,  but  other  then  the  piad  actors  i  saw  no  one  in  pirate  garb.
    If  you  do  go,  the  town is  not  that big,  so  get  there early,  caus e it  will be  crowded.   There are a lot  of  liitle  gift shops  and  restaurants, plus  it is a  popular  area  for  boaters  and  fisher  men.  So summer  time it is  packed  there.  Plus  Boldt  castle  and  Singer Castle  are  there  which are pouplar  tourist attractions.
Title: Re: Bill Johnston's Pirate Days
Post by: Lady Rebecca on August 13, 2009, 06:15:14 PM
I went up there on Monday, more for Boldt Castle than for the pirate fest. I took a 2hr boat trip (the 2 Nations one from Uncle Sam) and then explored Boldt Castle for a couple hrs. When we got back, I walked through the main street of town. There were a lot of pirate decorations and stuff for sale, but I only saw a few pirates (besides all the little kids). One group were walking back after just finishing up some sort of act, and the other group was making balloon animals (and swords and hats) in front of some restaurant. I wound up buying a really nice pirate hat, since I've been eyeing that one for a while. But it didn't turn out to be a very piratey day for me, as a whole. It seemed like it was much more aimed towards small children.