Author Topic: Reserved Palytron Camprounds - Area Identification  (Read 1606 times)

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Reserved Palytron Camprounds - Area Identification
« on: December 27, 2009, 07:56:04 PM »
It's been at least a couple of months since groups came out and staked their claims.

A few groups have taken the lead in clearing their area and have actually spent weekends camping in their area. Most haven't even started clearing.

The following are my observations from this weekend (travelling clockwise from below the pub area):

Dragon Clan (or whatever the name as there isn't a name sign up). Great work on only a few days of clearing. They brought in their own chipper and reduced alot of brush to mulch.

Mug and Flame: Outstanding land clearing and layout.

Clan Procrastination: Needs barrier tape replaced. Needs clan sign. Needs clearing.

Clan ?? (I really have to write these things down) : Mostly cleared, good layout.

Phoenix Risen:  Area marked and sign readable. No clearing noted.

Avalon/Brigadoon : Barrier tape up and sign readable. Clearing started

Marked area right at the cross-roads: Marking tape up, but no clan name, so no idea who this is. This is the area I thought the Celtic Rogues would call home. So who is here?

Trash Tribe with ?? (Sword of Gideon??): area marked but clearing only started.

Pirates of Poseidon: Most of the barrier tape is gone, no signs remain, no clearing.

LadyFeather: Barrier tape up, sign readable, no clearing.

Drunken Gnomes: Barrier tape up, sign destroyed in road widening. Rough cleared. Needs final clearing.

Chaos: Barrier tape up, signs no longer readable, no clearing noted.

Did I miss anyone?

I will have a GPS survey map available soon that that explains the above.

Please make sure that you have laid out barrier tape all along the area, as clans on the other side may buld up into the area you expected to build in.


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