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A Ren Wedding and...
« on: June 14, 2010, 01:18:13 PM »
we are planning a smallish sort of wedding Next spring at Scarborough Faire and I have most of the nuts and bolts in place with plans for how the rest of the machine goes together.   I'm very excited as I have wanted a SF wedding for years...

well, my dearest noble gentleman wishes to be legally married before year's end.  So, I get to plan TWO weddings...the 'second' which will really be the first will be on a rocky cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Newport, RI.  Just me and honey and 4 friends-one of whom we plan to get ordained so she can perform the service.  We'll then go back to our hotel and have cupcakes and finger foods and champagne then perhaps an afternoon sail around the Island. 

I had never even consider a beach wedding but now...well, all I can say is this man gives me everything I need and things I didn't even know I wanted.

The ren wedding is rolling along under its own steam for now.  Meanwhile, I'm building a lovely headwreath (beach themed) to wear in Newport as well as making a 'ring pillow' out of scallop shells.  Already grabbed a dress and 'dress flip flops' to wear.  All I need now is a Hawaiian shirt for him.  LOL

I am th luckiest wench in the world. :)


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