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planning on proposing at the 2013 ny renn faire opening day your thougths

Started by crimsonbrewer, January 31, 2013, 10:29:56 AM

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Hail and well met

im in the planning stages of proposing to my gf and want to do it opening day 2013 at the ny renn faire. im an avid faire goer been going to the ny faire about 25 years now and she never went before meeting me. now she is fully entrenched in it. but as everyone knows setting up something that might be time sensitive (with an entertainer) might be difficult to be in a specific place at a specific time. plus i get real nervous when in the spotlight and this will be nervous enough. what im thinking of doing is having a will you marry me banner made with our picture on it and get it hung at the blue boar so when ever we go there i can pop the question when she sees the banner what do you think about it. i want to hear your thoughts


Congrats on your plan!

While I've never been to your faire (Planning a trip for this fall, though!), I was proposed to at a Renaissance Festival, so thought I would reply.

I would say, know your lady - does she enjoy public spectacle? Know yourself - will you be a mass of nerves? The lady will know that something is brewing....

My husband planned a very intimate proposal for me (and I have no problem with the spotlight), and it remains a special memory for me. He scoped out a quiet spot, surrounded with trees, and a large rock. He told me we were going to have a nice picture taken of the 2 of us (so hard to get pictures of ourselves!). 2 of our friends (themselves married) walked with us to the spot, she to take the pictures and he had a mandolin, on which he played during the proposal - but I thought he was just along for the walk!. Another friend played "crowd control", steering people away for a few minutes so we could have a moment.  I was positioned by the rock, and m'lord dropped to his knee.... it was a lovely setting, and we got pictures to boot!

Keep in mind that you want this to be special - I think it is wonderful that you are considering all this now! My best advise is know what would appeal to her, and know what you yourself are comfortable with. If you are a mess of nerves, it will not be as special!

All the best!
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thanks for your reply i know i will be a mess no matter where i do it that is why im not interested indoing it with one of the acts but it may come down to that who knows. im still waiting for the fair employees to start working so i can get permission for at least one of my ideas. i do have some friends who work the faire that have offered to help out if i need them. well hopefully you will enjoy the nyrf faire and if you see a man dress in all red feel free to say hello as i usually go 4-5 times each year opening and closing weekends are usually my favorites


Best of luck! We saw a proposal at Stewart and Arnold's show last year, it was very sweet and they got a big round of applause. =) Perhaps I'll see you in passing, opening and closing weekends are our favorite weekends as well!


thanks please say hello if you see us, im usually dressed all in red


after some research im thinking i will be doing it with one of the acts, so far i havent pick out which act yet but i will post in case any of you would like to attend.