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Hey New Jerseyites,

I would assume that some of you are familiar with The Nottingham Players, a troupe based out of New Jersey.  I don't know what this one guys level of involvement with this group was or even if he is still with this group, but there was a guy named Kurt Jelinek, or Kujman, or just KJ and in the '90s and '00s made kind of a bad name for himself in communities such as the Tickling Media Forum, or Tickle Theater claiming that at his faire he would get faire goers (usually female, and more often than not under false pretenses) into the stocks that he had set up and would proceed to gag them, and remove their shoes and socks and not only tickle their feet with feathers and his fingers but apply itching powder, and beat, yes, beat their soles with wooden spoons.  And on top of all that once he was done other faire goers were encouraged to do the same to the unwitting victim.

Now I'm sure that if our Mr. Jelinek was reading this he would no doubt post back with a rant about how I wasn't there and how he is the greatest contributor to the tickling community in the history of mankind.  But in light of all that I am completely at a loss to understand how all of this, if it is indeed true, can be going on without someone being taken to court over this.  So can someone who has attended the Nottingham Player's faire shed some light on this and help me separate the fact from the fiction?  And any performers with the Nottingham group if this isn't true it would seem this guy is giving you a bad name.

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Re: The Nottingham Players, Questionable activities at New Jersey Renfaires
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2015, 06:52:37 PM »

I've seen people like you try to slander many various troupes- usually targeted are SCA groups. I'm surprised at the bad aim you're taking. I've been around since dirt, and I know several of the actors personally, one of whom is a movie actor who worked alongside Sandra Bullock, plus knowing the director and several of the original performers- I'm speaking for all troupes as well as them.

The reason no one has responded to you thus far is because your motives are clear and your faux moral voice of indignation is showing. Everything you've said is incorrect. You're assuming that all medieval performers are fetish sex addicts like yourself. We are not. We are teachers, hobbiests, actors, stunt people and historians. The person you are referring to is all of the above, highly respected for his skills, and an accomplished performer/producer in professional entertainment. An exceptionally generous and fun man.

People here are wise to you. You're falsifying information, connecting this group with an Italian fetish fair that none of us wish to be associated with, and most likely a fetish person or sex offender seeking a sexual thrill in a vanilla atmosphere. Your motives are the ones that are highly questionable.

I'd be very careful because you have opened yourself to a libel suit of monumental proportions if not already filed, or if you're not already in jail. This server would fully cooperate with any federal court in giving out your information and name. It's slander against a professional group who is well known for family comedy that has received countless awards from the NEA, charities, and various renaissance guilds for their contributions and education through entertainment. They've performed all over the states and well as produced fairs. Currently they are filming a medieval reality series in Canada. In addition they teach at schools, perform for charities, and host acting/teaching/history seminars. They've also been featured on American commercials for Creditkarma and Good Morning America.

And you are calling all those people complete idiots.

Anyone who has seen their act in person loves it, sings along and joins in the antics of their colorful characters which roam across the entire fair including opening gate acts, trial and punishment, and jousting events- all of which you've ignored.

So something tells me you've never even seen this troupe or been to a medieval fair. You have no clue what performers really do. No one at a fair gets pulled from an audience and accosted in any manner you speak of. Anyone who has to pay performer insurance would laugh at your comments. Go ahead and ask and performer what would happen if they accosted an audience member. You slander all of us when you state such garbage.

I've seen countless performances by Nottingham, we have their CD compilation of songs and routines, captured them on video, and have taken my family and my own Mother to shows. I assure you my Catholic Mother would not tolerate anything sexual at a family event.

This is the mistake many fetish thrill seekers make by believing that a medieval faire is just a sexual playground designed for their particular desires.

It is not. You may wish to pass that along. It is a family event and historically inspired. And we would appreciate it if you and your sexual addicts would keep your cotton picking hands OFF our wenches while you're at it   >:(
Here's one last gulp of common sense stronger than mead:

All troupes are highly educated and dedicated, spending a great deal of money on their acts. Producers are also intelligent people and choose very wisely. You don't just walk in the gate and become part of a fair. This group in particular has been around since before most fairs were created. Since the mid nineteen seventies I believe. That's going on 40 years! Use your noodle, squire. You don't do what you've suggested and last that long. They have Union standings, LLC, and given the size of their show probably over one hundred grand invested in medieval sets, costumes, special fx, sound systems, RV's and trailers transportation and props. Plus dozens of characters, dozens of songs, street routines and slapstick stunt work which takes months and months to learn and practice.

Nottingham is also the only troupe I know of that speak five languages and do sign language for hearing impaired children. And the man you're slandering is the man that teaches them this craft. So, really? Is there also a sign language fetish we should look out for?

Do you really think anyone who was merely seeking a fetish fulfillment would be spending that much time, effort, rehearsal and money? Especially given that absolutely nothing sexual takes place or is even alluded to? Not even a dirty joke.

I've read such rubbish before by another name and I bet it's you! We've all had to deal with delusional fetish people at fairs and clearly you are from a fetish community trying to get some thrill denouncing others by posting and seeing your words on a sexual billboard.

You'll get no such thrill here. Learn to respect all renaissance entertainers a little more. Maybe actually GO to a fair one day and see for yourself what effort they put out for your entertainment.

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Re: The Nottingham Players, Questionable activities at New Jersey Renfaires
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2015, 07:12:40 AM »

It appears the original poster heard a rumour, and is trolling for a cheap thrill, perhaps? None of the rest of our community has bothered to respond to his tripe, and I suggest your best course of action, as you obviously are upset by his BS, is report him to the forum moderators. They tend to take a very dim view of personal attacks on anyone. I will allow you the pleasure of submitting that report.

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