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2015 Countdown to ORF

Started by Dragonlord, August 06, 2015, 09:37:55 AM

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Only 30 days left till faire. It's been awful quiet in the ORF thread for it to be so close to faire time. Who all is going and what days will you be there?


I will be there every Saturday as well as a couple Sundays.
I'm working at the Silver Squirrel booth
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We'll be there for pirates weekend and probably the last weekend. Maybe Albannach weekend if we can swing it.
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Albannach, Baby!  8)
October 10 & 11.
So, when is Pirate Weekend?
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Pirates is September 19 and 20.
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Work permitting I'll be there every day. Though working 3rd shift Saturday is going to be rough. Lol
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