Author Topic: Newbie - is there an official 'campground' per Festival? or related activities?  (Read 4193 times)

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We're new to Renaissance Festivals but would like to find out if there is more to it that we might be missing than just the daytime activities.

For example, we camp when we go, is there an official campground at each festival?  If so, how do you find out which one it is? 

Are there "after-hours" pubs at the fairs after all the rides are closed, shows are over, and mostly families have gone home?  It would be cool to have beers with some of the people you only see during the day-hours.

can anybody help with info?

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It depends on the faire you attend.  Check out the topics for your particular faire to find more info!
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This is a list of every faire in the U.S. with details such as if camping is available for playtrons or just for vendors.
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