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Say It's Not True.

Started by majikboxman, April 27, 2009, 12:13:01 PM

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Out on a limb here, but with the vibe of a new location and blurbs of the event taking place later in the year, is this Door Co. thingy the new WIRF ? 

*Edit:  Buildings being magically transported ?  Transported from where... Eau Claire ? /Edit*

I guess I'd look forward to another / new Faire but can do nothing more then to wish this Door Co. Faire good luck as I'd never go.  It's during the MNRF and my loyalty is to the MNRF.  Another thing that falls into mind 'for me' here is the blurbs of the past mentioning WIRF wanting to put smaller Faires out.  MNRF by no means is smaller, but... ... ... by the blurbs that have been spoken it could hint they don't care who they try to go up against.  If they were smart... they'd run this 2 week event during the summer when other Bigger / Better events are not happening. *Edit:  Thinking along the lines of avail vendors here.*

Please... Please... Please !... someone give me some facts that show me I am wrong.

*Edit:  This in no way was mean as a rip on anyone.*
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Agreed.  If this event were two weeks before MNRF I'd probably attend both weekends.  As it is during the MNRF run, I can't go even if I really wanted to because I'll be busy working (well, volunteering... same difference) at the fencing booth.  I missed half the run last year, and from here onward I've decided I'm not missing any days unless I'm extremely sick.

Lord Figaro

That's kind of fool hardy, don't you think? I would think of sending them an email majikboxman, maybe "though I can't see how", they don't realize their mistake???
Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.

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Which are you considering fool hardy ?... ?... ?... my topic post or their might be concern of the wirf @ the same time as mnrf ?
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lady serena

I think he means the fair running the same time as MNRF, in which I also find kind of stupid. Where are most people going to go but to MNRF, its bigger with more things to do.
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Lord Figaro

That's exactly what I meant Lady Serena. I wrote an email to the people running this fest and this was their reply.

Hi John,

Thanks for the note and your concern. 

Sorry we didn't realize in advance that we had a conflict with a faire so close to home which we will likely never come close to measuring up with.  We were trying to go with the 2nd & 3rd weekends in October but we have 2 major local festivals in Door County on those weekends and we have to cooperate with the Visitors Bureau, etc. if we want to have their support, so this is our best opportunity for a Fall festival while we have all the colors and most visitors in this area.

We are doing a fundraiser for local charities so we hope to have a lot of community involvement.  If all goes well, we will plan to do it again on a regular basis possibly twice a year (spring & fall).  The fall one will likely always conflict with MN but maybe the spring one will bring the opportunity for you and some of the other folks to come this way!

I have no idea how the other WI faire (Chippewa Falls) got into the shape it did, but we are fortunate to have the site donated and a lot of volunteers signed up to help.  From our research we believe that most Renaissance Faires do very well and hopefully we will be in with that majority! 

Again, thanks for the note and good luck with your event as well!  Sincerely, Bliss

Bliss Stetler [] is the main contact for this new fest, so any questions any of you have, I think they wouldn't mind hearing them. Kind of best to get it from the horses mouth that way.

Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.

George Santayana

Lord Clisto of York

Ok, first, since I am still a shareholder in the WIRF faire at Chippewa, I have not heard any of this at all. There is nothing in Door County from the WIRF. Who is this Bliss? They have to have something totally different from us. There is no competition to the Minn faire from us in the future. There is some land closer to the Minn border which has been looked at and would be a good place to put the WIRF. But It would definitely not run when Minn is on. Yes, some buildings have been removed from the present place. And, there is still talk if funds can be gotten up that it could even stay where it is. There are some fund raisers actually going on right now to rais money for that purpose. But, much more is speculation for WIRF for now. I would recommend to ignore any talk or rumors and wait until any official announcements are made. Believe me, I have heard a lot of garbage being spouted about. I can only speak of what I officially know and can share. These are two different entities.

Sir Clisto
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Sir Clisto,

I believe Bliss is involved with the Door County Faire, and has no connection with nor claims to have a connection with WIRF.  She was speaking regarding fundraising and etc. going on for That faire.

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Lord Clisto of York

I kind of got that  a bit, but it also by some past posts sounded like some confusion and seemed to link the two in some ways. I just wanted to clarify our part for now so there isnt any confusion or rumor. Like they say, "go to the hourses mouth". This horse will put it straight. LOL...
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