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Started by Black Armor, May 26, 2008, 11:14:02 PM

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Black Armor

Here is my new red armor.  I made everything but the helm and chainmail (and the sword I'm holding of course). I only got to wear it for the last day of the Mi Ren Fest last year so I hope to get a lot of use out of it this year.


Dude.  That ROCKS.  Huzzah!


whoa. that's badass.
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Incredible work!  I think you need to be posting over in Arms and Armor though.  Most those "tuff" guys don't come in here...   ::)

Drake Starsong

Kudos Black, that is amazing :)
Yo ho Yo ho!


Wow...I feel like I should splash holy water on you or something ;D


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VERY nice leatherwork! :)
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Lady Ann of Draycott

Wow!  :o  That's very impressive!  You'll have no shortage of people wanting to take your picture!  ;)
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Black Armor

Black Armor

I posted this on another thread and the moderator said I should put it here so here it is.  This is my new costume.  I made everything except the helm and chainmail.  This picture was taken at one of the sword booths at MIRF in Holly, MI.  I only got to wear it for the very last day of last year's ren fest.  It still needs some adjustments and will hopefully be even better this year.  I'd love to see other people's armor too so post a pic if you can!

Black Armor

Hope this is better.....

Black Armor

Here is my black armor, which was my first attempt at making leather armor.  The only thing I made on this one was the chest/back, upper legs and kilt.  I am in the process of re-making it so it will be a lot thicker and more like the red one.


 :o :o :o

I love it!!

Your leather working is fantastic!!
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Joyce "Delfinia DuSwallow" Howard

BA, your work is fantastic ! i seen a person at VARF over the weekend and we were wondering how many hours is involved in a outfit like that. BRAVO ! It's beautiful. ;)
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