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Ette Central ~ Group Rate Bookings Info
« on: May 27, 2008, 11:13:48 AM »
Greetings, Everyone...

I was informed that some of you who booked through our block booking at Ette Central may not have gotten the group rate that we were promised.  I spoke with their group bookings office this morning and this is how to get that straightened out if this is so. 

First of all, the group rate was:

Thursday, May 22 $40.99
Friday,     May 23 $49.99
Saturday, May 24 $49.99
Sunday,   May 25 $45.99
Monday,   May 26 $42.99

This is all based on 2 adults occupying the room.  Please don't forget that this is the base rate.  Tennessee hotel tax is 14.75%, so that must be added on top of the base rate per night. 

If you did not get this rate, plus the tax, you need to call Ette Central at (615) 890-8524 and they will make the adjustment according to their Group Reservation Center.  Our group reservation number was M234000015 if they need to refer to that.  This needs to be done by each individual reservation.

Remember that my instructions were for everyone to renmail me to get booking info at the time that we were pre-booking, and that many who stayed there didn't do so...If you didn't follow those instructions, you wouldn't have had the number to refer to to get the discounted rate (unless, of course, you got the info from another attendee who'd gone through the proper channels).   There was also a point where they got a new computer system and everyone was advised to double-check to make sure that their reservations still stood, so this could also be a potential reason why, it was posted in the old forums at the time, but the info may have been missed while we were all getting into the lifeboat. 

Regardless, if there are any further questions you may have, please renmail me with them. Thank you all for making the RenDevous the wonderful time that it was! 
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