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Looking for Volunteers and/or Ideas/Suggestions!
« on: January 02, 2010, 08:49:31 PM »
The Blackwater Regional Library located in the quaint little town of Courtland, VA will be hosting the 2nd Annual Courtland Renaissance Faire.

Activities thus far include:

-Masquerade-mask making
-Fairy crown making
-Face painting
-Maypole dancing
-Make-a-wish inside the "Faeries Ring"
-Jewelry Maker(?)
-Shakespearian Skits(?)

If you have any ideas for activities or ways to decorate for the faire please pm me.

Also, I hate asking this, but if any of you are talented in renaissance related fields such as paiting or music and wouldn't mind volunteering your services and would come and participate for us that would be lovely. I wish we had the money to pay performers because they surely deserve it but being only in our 2nd year we do not...*sigh*

The faire is April 3rd in the small grassy lot beside Walter Cecil Rawls Library (Blackwater Regional) in Courtland, VA.
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