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- Mundane Sewing Discussion -

Started by willin, May 30, 2008, 06:43:03 AM

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photo(3) par Isabella, on ipernity

I'm wearing the cardigan/shrug right now but not with that dress.  I made both for work.  The aqua dress beneath the teal shrug is sleeveless- making it perfect for summer.   It was super comfortable with a pink shrug over it.    Perfect for the crazy train ride to NYC.


I have been very busy with life lately, and haven't had much time to do anything fun.  Today is dress up day at school for my oldest, though...

Last night my husband and I were trying to figure out what he should wear.  Halloween costume is probably too small...oh, he has a cloak!  And here's a fun hat that will probably fit him!  At which point, husband turns to me and says, "how hard is it to make a tabard?"

3 hours later...

My (infrequently updated) costume blog:


Dude--that's AWESOME!! I've wanted to make one for my FIL. Your son looks very dashing!


Thank you!

After seeing him in it this morning, I've concluded that we are now required to make a trip to the Faire this year.  :)
My (infrequently updated) costume blog:


So, I never did post an update after making that buddy the elf costume last year. We ran into a lot of issues because he lost a ton of weight between measuring to purchase the pattern and actually sewing the project- PLUS the whole issue of this being a santa costume so it's made for some extra cushion. I think I ended up taking in like 10 inches total- Definitely should have just gone down a size or two but eh.

I learned that zippers are hard and furry type fabrics get EVERYWHERE.

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Making a "Bog Jacket" right now.  Just got tickets for Sunday's Chiefs game, and tail gating starts around 0800.  The forecast is for the 50s, so something quick and easy!  Got some Chiefs fleece, and should have it done tonight or tomorrow.


Okay so this isn't the least bit mundane but it's not Renaissance/Medieval/Fantasy either so....

DSC05241 par Isabella, on ipernity

I'm still working on it.  It's a natural form (1879) outfit for Halloween.  :-) 


  Mom's new Regency Era dress I made her.  :-)


I've been stuck in a rut for a couple months then out of the blue I suddenly started getting projects done left and right.  Here are the three latest ones.  They are not Ren faire so I am posting them here. 

The lobster tail bustle- I plan to change out the rigaline boning for steel soon as I can afford to place the order.  I am just got getting the "oomph" out of it I want.  The skirts and petticoats are cotton and even just those two layers are weighing it down.  Steel is the next step, and a bustle pad. :)

New Petticoat to go over the bustle.  I didn't do the decorative tucks on the back, but I think it turned out well.

Here is the underskirt for the gown I am doing.  There isn't a waist band on it yet, and it isn't hemed. ( I am in the middle of loosing weight and don't want to make the waist band just yet.) But I think you can see why I said I think I need steel and a bustle pad for the dress to give it more Ooomph!.   I haven't even added the draped, and decorated over skirt yet. It will be cotton too but it is still pushing it down.
It is kind of strange watching your personal history become costume.


Love the bustle!

My WWI outfit.

I am in love with my new blouse.  It was so comfortable in the high 70's low 80's all day.   The skirt is out of cotton twill from IKEA and black linen from Joanns.   I was going for about 1915. 


There is the skirts I have been working on.  I am cutting out the bodice tonight, and I'm very excited.   I added steel to the bustle so it now has the staying power that I hoped for.  In the future I will make it out of canvas not muslin, but live and learn. 
The PP couldn't believe the number of layers it took to get the look I wanted.  Bloomers + bustle + petticoat + under skirt +  Over skirt. 
It is kind of strange watching your personal history become costume.

Toua Taru

LadyStitch, I am in love with that skirt. It's putting me in the holiday spirit!!  ;D
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Why thank you.  I am hopeful this will turn out really pretty.  I got the bodice 75% assembled this weekend, but I think the more time consuming part will be getting all the trim and such on it. :)
It is kind of strange watching your personal history become costume.

Lady Rosalind

Beautiful! I love the holly and the pleating, especially!

I am currently working on hammering out an emergency theater costuming emergency (did I say emergency? It's an emergency!). 4 ladies, 6 men, 20 costumes. Charley's Aunt, so 1892-ish, day and dinner wear. Tech week is less than 3 weeks away, and the previous costumer had nothing pulled or rented or created.

I am not quite pulling my hair out yet, but it's a near thing. I've got jacket patterns traced out, and I am hoping to get two mock-ups made tonight for fitting.

I found ONE dinner dress to rent, found an 80's suit dress I can cut into a walking jacket, and some linen that sort of matches for a skirt (and a darker blue satin to make a cummerbund thingy for the waist so I can disguise the non-matching-ness of the colors. So one actress taken care of.

For our girl in light mourning for day, I have violet bridesmaid dress and stole that will be turned into a skirt and matching short jacket. For dinner, I have a horrid prom dress that we may be able to do something with, but I am trying desperately to find something different.

Our other young woman? I have no idea what color even to put her in. I am waiting to hear back from our university theater to arrange to look through their closet for more rentals. The producer has already been out there once, but they were looking for the wrong things. I am hoping I can find more dinner wear, or I'm screwed, LOL!

The men will have to come from our vast collection of suits and jackets. Black tie for dinner, lounge (ditto) suits for day.

The big thing is getting the "Aunty" costume... can't rent, as it has to be modified to enter from the back.

Our closet has a big Victorian gap in it, almost like maybe everything was loaned out and never returned. It is baffling. If I needed 60s couture and furs, we'd be set, though!

Crazy busy!