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Tournament of the Phoenix 2010
« on: April 04, 2010, 12:11:17 PM »
WorldJoust Tournaments is pleased to announce the competitors for the Tournament of the Phoenix 2010


Jeffrey Hedgecock,USA

Tobias Capwell, England/USA

Dominic Sewell, England


Arne Koets, Holland

Andreas Wenzel, Germany

Steve Gagnon, Canada

Jeremy "Jezz" Smith, New Zealand

Jaroslaw "Jarek" Struczynski, Poland
The 2010 Tournament of the Phoenix will take the form of a pas d’armes, or ‘passage of arms’, in which three Brothers of the Order of the Crescent will hold the field against the five Venans. The competitors will accumulate points as they battle it out fighting on horseback in the club-tourney, on foot in the champ clos with pollaxes, as well as in the lists with the lance. With eight fully armoured ‘knights’ in attendance, the Tournament will be bigger than ever before. 

This grueling 3 day, 6 event tournament of Jousting and Knightly Combat will test the combatants' skill and stamina. These men represent some of the very finest tournamenters of modern time, and we anticipate both a fierce contest of arms, and many fine displays of prowess. 

The Tournament of the Phoenix is sanctioned by England's Royal Armouries Museum-Leeds and affiliated with the International Jousting League

Tickets on sale May 1.

Tickets and information at WorldJoust Tournaments

Get in touch with the competitors on the WoldJoust Forum


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