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An Address
« on: July 27, 2010, 01:51:42 PM »
I have been informed that several people were concerned by my thread "A Question to the Masses"  and that one of the major concerns was that it was a "Passive-Aggressive attempt to continue an argument from a previous thread" after that other thread was closed down.

I would like to point out two thing.  First, it was an honest and open attempt to understand what was going on.  I was looking for information, and saw no faster way to do so.  A form allows everyone to express their thoughts in a quick and hopefully concise manner.  There was a problem, I sought to understand it.  I'm sorry if that bothered people.

Second, my thread was opened BEFORE the other thread closed.  It was not a continuation of an old thread, it was it's own separate thread.

Bishop, feel free to lock this thread if you think it will help, or if it will keep others from continuing previous arguments.  I simply felt I had a right to explain myself and defend my position.  I would ask, to that end, that if you lock this thread, you do not delete it.  Please understand this is not an attack upon anyone in any way.  It is not a P-A attempt to continue an argument. 

Thank you
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