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I need a serger!
« on: August 26, 2010, 10:06:54 AM »
I've used industrial sergers before, and will be for my fashion design classes. We had a meeting yesterday and they stressed how important it is to have a sewing machines, serger, iron and ironing board, and dressform at home...luckily I have most of these, but I need a serger. So what I need is help finding one worth owning for a decent price...I'm not positive on budget since most likely my parent will pay for it but I'm hoping to stay under $500 as much as possible, but still get something of reasonable quality...I don't really want an industrial machine...they don't really work for me whenI was want to leisurely sew....but if thas the best way to get a good deal o suggestions on brands, models, and places to buy them please! Also any comments on the expeiriences you've had with any brands and such so I also know what to stay away from...
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