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What I Saw in Revel Grove Tonight
« on: August 27, 2010, 12:34:12 AM »
By Royal invitation, I made my way down 95 for an hour-and-a-half from Delaware through what I thought would be rush-hour traffic.  I wanted to be at the grounds no later than 730 to catch some of the "Six Wives" show and of course the full "Don Quixote, Book II" with friend Fred in the lead.  I left at 5pm on the nose figuring in an extra hour for traffic.

I was pulling onto the parking lot outside of Revel Grove at 6:45.  No traffic. . .not even a delay in the B'more tunnel.

I got my trusty camera, phone and iPod touch (I was told to bring a flashlight. . .  I have an app. for that).  Met up with

Ray Partenheimer, who plays one of the king's guards. . another friend.  We got a seat in the back of the Globe, stage right.

I was very luckiy to get there so early as I was able to see three full shows, not the 1.5 shows I'd expected.

The most amazing of the three was the first show. . .  The Chess Match.   YES, I said the Chess Match.  This is my eleventh season (when it starts on Saturday) and in all the seasons (and I've seen all the Chess Matches therein), I've never seen one so well performed as this.  It is the funniest thing I've ever seen the cast do on stage. . .  I'm talkin' "Shakespeare's Skum" funny here folks.  I won't give it away but by the end of the match the cast gets to make fun of themselves and when all hell brakes loose, look for Middle J. Middle (J. Owen Dickson) whose work with a baking pan is music to the senses.  GO SEE IT EVERY DAY OF THE SEASON!  I expect the end to change unexpectedly with each show, given the free reign of the actors!

The second performance was "The Six Wives" which presents a wonderful "what if?" scenerio.  What if five of Henry's wives had a confab over the impending marriage of the sixth wife?  Six wonderful actresses on stage giving incredible performances.  The show is very entertaining and makes you think about the truths and legends of each wife.

The last dress rehearsal was that of Don Quixote, Book II and I can best sum it up this way:

"See Fred sing, see Fred dance, see Fred once more in his underpants."

In fact in Book II's program you'll get double the underwear and now has 50% more lather.  There's great acting, great fighting, choreography, singing, comedy, and listeneing to the funniest lisp in the world by Glenn Evans (think Thane Redwald from the BBC "Dark Ages" TV series).

Go see all three shows. . . . see them often.  Get everyone you know to come with you because the performances are wonderful.  I was told this was a dress rehearsal. . . . but they all looked pretty polished to me.
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