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Started by Feline Groovy, September 08, 2010, 07:44:20 PM

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Feline Groovy

As I started watching the video, I thought, 'OMG we SO need to do this some way, somehow! Firing fruit at targets would be a blast!'  Then the video kept going.  And I laughed. Far too hard.  Yep, we DEFINITELY need to do this. But we get to pick the, er, players......    :D
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I just bursted out laughing inside my cube. I forwarded the link to my coworkers so they know why I'm laughing.  :D

Professor M

I'd like to offer Master Kip as a live target.  We could give him a limited space to move around.  It would be similar to a dunking tank.
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daniel paul

indeed that is great. havent seen that one in a while. i need a laugh like that. hopefullly my wife and i will be able to make it back this year. regardless of the watermelon launch thing.

Merlin the Elder

Funny, but jeez! That had to really hurt!!
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Her partner after like 5 seconds seriously looks at her and goes " you have to finish its not called the amazing race for nothing" lol
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