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Anyone ever bought from Armstreet?

Started by L Dale Walter, September 10, 2010, 11:56:21 AM

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L Dale Walter they have quite a bit of armor.  Just wondered if anyone has experience with them?



Lord Magnus

several of my friends have pruchased items from arm street. all are happy with their items.
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Sir William Marcus

I've never ordered armor. We ordered quite a bit of clothing with no complaints.
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Armstreet is really nice website but i usually use it's also huge collection.


Yes  I purchased two sets of footwear, one set of saracen boots which are a joy to my feet and a set of poulaines which are also comfortable.  Price was very reasonable and the quality was great.  Highly recommend them

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Oswyn Fenecote

QuoteI had purchased a friare's suit from Armstreet, turned out to be another eBay horror story
Oswyn Fenecote


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Lord Clisto of York

Armstreet has great products and they have always been fast in arriving for me for many years.

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Lady Renee Buchanan

I bought a gown from them.  Service was good, and it arrived from overseas quickly.  The gown is beautiful and well-made.
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