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Excited for Mid Mich!

Started by Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman, September 27, 2010, 11:38:54 PM

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Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman

Like the topic says! Not only that, but the wife and I will be there the second and third weekend, as well as the last saturday, as 'Just Happy To Be There', the humorous story of a husband and wife Privateer duo, who settle their differences and familial issues with cold steel!

Jon Foster

We'll miss the opening weekend for sure but plan to be there several other weekends. I love taking pictures there when the fall colors are in full swing.

Hopefully we'll see more pictures of the faire posted this year too. In the past, on any given day I would see cameras in the hands of ever other person...


Lord Clisto of York

A real long shot, but I am trying to get there one weekend or day. Work and other things are the issues.
Invictus Maneo - I Remain Unvanquished

Lady Gwyndolyn


You know where to find your passes.  And don't forget my disc!!! 
Lady Gwyndolyn
Duchess of Kearsley

Jon Foster

With disc(s) in hand we are hoping to be there this weekend.  ;)