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tilt my world
« on: October 12, 2010, 12:52:35 PM »
Saturday night as i prepared to leave my second home
I remember thinking i would never be found
then when we got to the gate i saw you
i nearly stared at you but kept my cool i so wanted to talk to you
I hoped that somehow you and i would run into one another
then they changed our gates and i didn't see you sitting anywhere
but then i saw you walk past and knew you would be back.
i remember when you came back
you sat three seats in front of me reading
i watched as you played with your hair and i looked for the ring
saying you were off limits to me.
first on one hand and then the other.
i almost shouted for joy when you didn't have a wedding ring
but i couldn't make my legs move the small space between us.
now i wish i had because as much as i hoped you would be in the
seat next to me on the plane but i knew
that i wouldn't see you again once i boarded and i was right
even when we landed you were no where to be seen.
I know i didn't dream you up and i know you exist beyond my dreams now
I know you'll find me again this wasn't a coincidence
and my hope has been restored that you will find me again
until then knowing i'm praying for you for us and being as patient as i can for you to find me again
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