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The Story of Yawehtah: And his Legendary Knighthood
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The Legend of Yawehtah:

The Legend of Yawehtah is told how one child was Knighted by a Priest in Church during baptism who became ordained by God to serve the orders of God through Knighthood.

Yawehtah's orders are clear. To find those who are ordained like him and those who are not. A heavy task to seek out the truth behind every Crown and Country whether it be a Nobleman, Serf or King.

If you hear of the name Yawehtah, you shall know my legend and how I am here to seek out the truth behind you.

When I ask you the question whether you are a worthy opponent, may you speak the truth about you worthyness for I am Knighted and protected by steel which is a symbol of my integrity, and I wear a helmet which protects my head from the lies and my sword that will judge your word.

I am not here to spead fear, but let it be known that you shall fear me when I do approach you when the time comes around. And when this time comes around so does my faith, and my faith is what you will fear.

And if there shall be another Knight here that is worthy, let him come forward and answer the truth whether if he is a Knight of truth, and if he does anwser to me as another Knight let him be my brother in arms, and as my brother in arms do I offer him a handshake, and through this handshake so does our faith exchange, and through this exchange do we call ourselves Knights.

I am a great Knight, a Knight of truth, so now I ask you, are you a Knight like me?

Story By: Yawehtah "Hath the Way"
Yawehtah " Hath the Way "


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