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27yo female looking for work
« on: November 24, 2010, 04:59:54 PM »

I am a former Rennie looking to get back on the road.
The fairs I plan on attending are ... AZ, TX, CO, MI, NC.
If you happen to have work at any of these please feel free to contact me

I can do most jobs and have done most jobs ... everything from selling to making
I am great with people, very outgoing, and can be VERY LOUD when needed.
I don't BS during fair hours. I will NEVER show up drunk, high, or anything else that may effect my ability to work.  I have many costumes to suit whatever job I get as I have great skills in sewing.

I have a passion for natural medicine and would love to get into an apothecary and have alot of experience in modern medicine with 2 degrees in the medical field. I realize that this may be hard to get so I'm not banking on it, just hoping =)
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