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Zara sat at her table, swirling her cup of tea.
"I'll read those for you, cher."
Se looked up to see Hermione standing above her.
"You know I don't believe in them, Hermione. Although sometimes I think Da does."
Tales of an ageless voodoo woman on the small island of Castara drifted through her mind.
Hermione sat down. "For a cup of tea and a scone, I will tell you what the leaves tell me. And of your future."
"Alright, this may prove interesting. But don't for one moment think I will believe you!"
Hermione laughed. "Drink so I may read!"
Zara did as she was told and set her cup down so the leaves would settle. She crossed her arms.
"Tell me my future, Hermione!"

She looked at the leaves, tilting the cup this way and that. After a few minutes, she sat back and grinned.
"Are you ready to hear what lies in wait for you, ma petite Zara?"
Zara laughed. "Not that a few leaves will tell! You know I always believe you make your own destiny. Like my mum does. Well, except when my dad has HIS way--and that usually fills the cradle!"
Hermione shook her head and chuckled."One so young, one so worldly! You are not to know of such things---yet."
Zara grinned, "I am the daughter of Mad Jack Wolfe. I hear stories--legends, actually--of my father. Tales of exploits and the occasional wronged woman with loose lips. So what lies before me, Hermione?"

Hermione looked down and intoned, "I see a man in your future.You see the way the leaves are clinging to the side of the teacup? That means love. The two leaves swirling on the bottom is passion out of control.
"You don't say! Well, this is to be expected, yes?"
"Not necessarily. This be something good, something real!"
"Does it tell if I will marry him or how many children I will have?"
"Do not be ridiculous! This is only tea leaves!"
Zara and Hermione laughed. But the seer grew serious.
"There be an obstacle. A woman."
"Not my mum!"
"No--this woman is powerful. Close by. You watch yourself, Mss Zara. This be a great love but it not goes easy for you. She is connected and powerful. Just watch yourself."
"And when shall I meet this man?"
Hermione stood up and turned the cup upside down on the saucer.
"You already have."

She collected her bags and laid a sweet on the table. "Pour vous, cher."
Zara stared. She couldn't possibly mean Marcus....or Daniel...or Tristan...

"You look a million miles away, sweetheart. And a farthing for your thoughts."
Tristan slid into the seat opposite her.
"What are you doing here, Tristan?" she said coldly.
"Offering a humble apology for my uncalled for outrage yesterday. I overstepped my manners and am abjectly sorry for my uncouth actions."
He held his hand out to her.
Hesitantly she took the offered hand and Tristan brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

"Zara, I'd like to buy you a glass of wine. To make up for my boorish behaviour."
She gave him a dimpled smile.
"Alright, Tristan. I guess that would be alright."
He signaled for the tavern keeper.
"Two clarets. Is claret alright, Zara?"
"Perfect. It is one of my favorites."
The tavern keeper paused to glance at Zara and then frowned.
"Does your father know you where you are, Miss Zara?"
She held up her book.
"At night?"
"Constellations, Seamus."
He shook his head and ambled off.
Tristan handed her a glass.
"I'd say to us..."
"But don't," she smiled.
She drank her glass of wine as Tristan watched her.
"Oooh...that was good but I feel a bit faint."
"Would fresh air help, Zara?"
"I--I think so."
He helped her up and guided her by her elbow, leading her outside.
"How about some sea air over by the park?"

She nodded. "That--that would be good."
As they neared the cover of the trees, Tristan said, "I--I feel a bit woozy myself."
"Really? You too?"
He stumbled and tried to catch himself. He leaned against the tree and lowered himself to the ground, then fell face first.
As he started to pass out, he heard a voice say,
"Never--EVER--try to pull the wool over the eyes of a Wolfe."
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"Zara? What is going on here?"
She jumped a mile.
"Phillip! You scared me! What are you doing here?"
Sternly he said, "I saw you having a drink with I remember him as being the one who threatened you when his cloak was ruined so I had a bad feeling and thought I would keep an eye on you. From a distance, of course. What happened? Did he have too much to drink?"
"No, Tristan tried to drug my wine. I saw him put a white powder in it. In the split second he paid Seamus, I switched glasses with him. Bastard had it coming."
"And so what do you intend to do?"
"Leave him here."
She took out her bodice dagger and began to slice through his shirt.

She looked up.
"I'm teaching him a lesson he will never forget. You don't do what he intended to do to Zara Wolfe."
Deftly she sliced through his trousers and anything else that was in the way till Tristan was au natural.
Phillip grinned, "You are going to leave him like that?"
"Of course not!"
She started to unlace her bodice but it was knotted.
"Bollocks!' she muttered.
She took the bodice dagger out from where it rested out of sight and handed it to Phillip.
"Would you please slice through the lacings for me?"

She hadn't intended to make it sound a bit breathless but that is the way it came out.
He took her dagger and deftly flicked the blade under each lace. It gave way as though it were butter.
Phillip tried to concentrate on the task at hand but the nearness of Zara and the shapely curve of her kept him off-balance. A scent of honeysuckle emanated from where Phillip had the knife blade. The laces lay in little pieces on the ground.
"Zara, if you have no bodice you have no place to put your knife.
She leaned forward and Phillip caught a glance at what Zara had been hiding under there. He couldn't help but stare.
She looked up and him and said, "Hand me the dagger."
She took it and put it in her boot, taking her time to adjust it so it would be hidden.
"Now turn your back."
"Turn your back."
He did as she told but was able to watch in his peripheral vision. Zara had turned her back and raised her arms. She lifted the chemise up over her head and picked up the bodice, slipping it on. The lack of laces did her no favor but it sure did one for Phillip.
She held her chemise in her hands and said sadly, "It's a shame. I really liked this one and it was new."
The chemise was silky and delicate lace at the neckline and the edge of the long sleeves.
"Zara, what do you intend to do with that chemise?"

She gave Phillip a sweet smile over her shoulder as she let the chemise drift over Tristan's naked prone form.
"I'm not so cruel as to leave him like that. He can wear my chemise into town."
Phillip tried to fix her with a stern look but she looked up at him so guileless that he burst out laughing.
She clutched the remnants of her bodice to her body with the other hand, trying for a little modesty. She shivered in the autumn air.
Phillip took off his coat and gently put it around her shoulders. "It's so you won't get goose bumps and you don't have to be trying to cover up with that little bodice."
She smiled gratefully at him. "Thank you, Phillip. You are always quite the gentleman."
" I would be remiss in my duties as a Briggs if I didn't escort you home, Zara. I want to make sure you get there in one piece."
She smiled, "And I will accept that offer. But we have one problem."
"What is that?"
"How do we convince my father that you didn't rip this bodice from me in passion?"

He looked shocked at her and it was her turn to burst into giggles.
"Come on, Phillip. I know the back way home and Da will never see us!"
"Shall we go?"
"Most certainly."
She leaned over Tristan's prone body and gave him a slight shove of her foot.
"Ta, love. Wear it in good health."
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"Tell me, how did you get involved with that scoundrel, Zara?"
She sighed.
"I was in the tavern and he took notice of me. I was looking over a book on astronomy. I always loved the stars. He came over and asked me if I wanted to see shooting stars, he could arrange it. 'You have to be joking,' I said. "
"That is pretty pathetic."
She laughed, "Isn't it though? And I told him if he kept it up, I could arrange for him to see the entire galaxy. And I showed him my fist."
He got my message and apologized. Then he offered to buy me a scone."
"And you are a pushover for a scone."
"Well, it WAS blueberry and I have a weakness for blueberries."
"Just like your mother."
"That story of how she met Da when she was six is a family legend. The blueberries made her memorable."
"No, your mother herself is memorable. After all, she captivated Mad Jack Wolfe. She even managed to trump Renee on that score."
"You would have thought Renee would have ended up as Mrs. Jack Wolfe."
"The problem is, Zara, is that Renee and Jack were two peas in a pod. Too combustible. Your mother completed him."
"Uncle Josiah didn't always think so. He didn't like her."
"Father was like a mother hen when it came to Jack. But he always went along with his schemes."
"Those two! Tales will be told for generations about them!" Zara laughed.

"How did we get on this subject, Zara?"
"I have no idea. But the Briggs and the Wolfe families are so entwined."
Both grew silent, each lost in their own definition of 'entwined.'"
Zara shivered from the cold.
"Here, let me warm you up a bit."
Phillip put his arm around her slim waist.

"Do you think there will be any repercussions from your encounter with that cur?"
Zara shrugged. "Think? Oh, I am pretty sure there will be. You don't send Tristan Culley walking through town in a chemise--with lace no less--and not expect a bit of a squabble."
Phillip stopped.
"Wait...what did you say his name was?"
"Tristan. Tristan Culley."
"I don't believe it."
"Believe what?"
"Tristan Culley, the Governor's son?"
"I guess so. He was always going on ad nauseam about how important his family is to Bridgetown. My eyes just kind of glazed over at that point. As if my Da is not the most influential man in this town. Covert as it may be...."
"But...the son of Christopher Culley. How did I not put that together?"
Zara stood there with her hands on her hips.
"Phillip Briggs, you are NOT making any sense."

"He has a sister named Lenore, yes?"
"I don't know her name but I've seen her. Nose in the air and thinking she is better than any of us. She is seriously in danger of drowning if she ever gets caught in the rain. Always wearing the latest fashions and never goes out without her parasol. Needs to keep that milky white skin, I guess. Bet she doesn't have any tan lines."
"She doesn't."
"Nothing. What else do you know about her?"
"Not much. After all, stuck up Lenore doesn't travel in the same social circles with people like me and my friends. But we see her. Sally Monroe said she must be the biggest prude! Why are you so curious about this sister?"
Zara started to feel a bit of jealousy and didn't like the feeling.

" reason. I was introduced to her at a social function a while back and just wondered if they were related."
"Well, they are and cut from the same cloth. I pity the man who ends up with Miss Frigid."
"Zara! You don't know that!"
She tossed her hair.  "Bet she doesn't even want to in the mornings."

"Let's get you home before your father sends one of his men out to look for you."
"Oh, you heard about that, huh? Well, all I was doing was swimming over in that pond. Midnight swims are wonderful."
"And you were supposed to be with your friend Sally but instead your father found out you were with some young man."
"It was all perfectly innocent so get your mind out of the gutter. And how did you find out about that anyways?"
Phillip chuckled. "There are a few legends popping up about you too, Cookie."
She giggled. "Cookie. You haven't called me that in years."
"It seems you always had a cookie in your hand. And you were willing to share them. Except when you got mad, you used them as a projectile."
"I'm sorry. But the scar isn't so visible anymore, is it?"
He laughed. "No, it healed nicely. Mrs. Avery stopped putting walnuts in your cookies though."

"We can go around the back veranda, Phillip. The lights are off so everyone must be in bed by now."
She grabbed Phillip's hand and they ran across the expansive lawn.
As they neared the steps, Zara said, "I guess I need to give you back your frock coat," as she moved to take it off.
"I can pick it up tomorrow. After all, never let it be said that I let Zara Wolfe go home half-naked."
Phillip gently wrapped the coat around her, his hand accidentally brushing her curves.
She touched his cheek. "You were wonderful tonight, Phillip."
"I'm just glad your father is in the house," he whispered.

"Too late," the voice came from the veranda porch.
Jack struck the flint and lit his pipe, his face lit up with the glow.
" we have an explanation, Miss Zara Wolfe? Or do I just shoot Phillp right now?"
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"Da, it's not what you think!"
Jack pointed his pipe stem at her with a bemused smile.
"I suggest you put on something that will cover you a little more, missy. Then come downstairs and we shall all have a nice chat, shall we?"
Zara felt her face turn red.
"Yes, Da," and she went inside.

"Now, Phillip, I know there has to be a reasonable explanation for this for two reasons--one, that is my daughter and two, I know you are not stupid."
"Well, Jack, Zara had been having a bit of trouble with one of the lads in town. I happened to be passing by."
"And does this lad have a name?"
"Tristan Culley, sir,"
"The Governor's son?"
"Yes, sir. Seem he has been making unwanted advances on Zara."
"Do these unwanted advances deserve appropriate action? Maybe a chat with the young man so he will see reason and not do anything stupid again?"
"I think Zara took care of the problem, Jack. The lad had too much to drink and passed out. Your daughter, well....she taught him a lesson he won't soon forget."
"Oh, dear. Do I want to hear this?"
"I think so. Zara took out her bodice dagger and relieved him of his apparel."
Jack's mouth turned up in mirth.
"You mean to tell me Zara left Governor Culley's son buck naked to find his way back?"
"Not exactly. She left him her chemise."

Jack burst out laughing.
"Oh, that is rich! She is her mother's daughter!"
"I have to give her credit for originality. She could have left him as is. But she showed a bit of compassion. The lad will have to find his way home wearing her chemise."
"Compassion, my arse! Zara knew the best way to humiliate him!"

Jack took a deep draw on his pipe. "I've heard  that you have been courting Culley's daughter."
"I wouldn't exactly call it that. We have been to a few social functions together."
"So nothing serious?"
Thoughts of Zara in her little bodice with no chemise and her mischievous smile crossed Phillip's mind.
He found himself saying, "No, sir. Just escorting her to a few soirees. I find the upper crust of society too stuffy for my taste."

Zara came out of the house wearing a light chemise and skirt. She hadn't bothered to put on any shoes. She sat down primly on the porch swing next to Phillip.
"I see Phillip is still alive so I am to surmise that you couldn't find it in your heart to shoot him, Da."
Jack laughed.
"No, he told me about Culley's son drinking too much and passing out. I must say you found a rather unique way of dealing with him. Bravissimo, child!"
Zara laughed, "He had it coming. No one messes with a Wolfe!"

Jack stood up and kissed her forehead, chuckling.
"Your mother will pretend to be upset, you know."
"Then best we don't upset her, yes, Da?"
He tapped his pipe weed into the shrubbery.
"And now I am retiring for the night. Phillip, thank you for seeing her safely home. It's late so why don't you just stay over in the guest room?"
"Thank you, sir. I appreciate that."
"Zara, don't stay up too late."
"I promise, Da. Goodnight."

Zara and Phillip sat on the swing. The moonlight played upon the ocean waters.
She sighed, "I don't think I could ever leave Barbados, Phillip. It's just so beautiful. What about you?"
"I do miss the green fields of England now and then. But then the weather is terrible. Then I think about the blood shed in the civil war and am glad I live here. Although Charles II does seem to have a bawdy court. Such a contrast to the dismal prospects under Cromwell. I'm glad I am here. And El Lobo gives me the freedom to see the world."
"Tell me about the New World--the Colonies."
"It's like England but on the other side of the ocean. We make a run up there about every three months. Captain Harkness takes the molasses and we take back tobacco and woolens. Lots of things like that. The Puritans do like their rum in spite of the sober way they dress. Will Harkness found a market and has made a fortune in it."
"Seems everyone has benefited from it. Da.....Uncle Josiah....even you."
She leaned closer to him.
"Thank you, Phillip, for being there for me. I don't know if I could have handled it by myself. I pride myself on being self-reliant. But this was a bit out of my league."
He laughed. "I think you did quite well for yourself, Miss Zara. But you're welcome."
She laid her head on his shoulder. "Do you realize I have known you all my life, Phillip? I'm grateful you left England to look for Uncle Josiah. I can't imagine my life without you in it."
He brushed the hair from her face and said softly, "You always were a beguiling child, Zara."
She lifted her face to his and whispered, "And I am not a child anymore, Phillip."
"No, you are not. Zara. You are an intriguing young woman."

He kissed her gently and at that moment, Phillip realized that Lenore Culley wouldn't be wearing that ring.


"Jack? Is everything alright?" Honour whispered sleepily from the bed.
Jack pulled the blanket down and got into bed.
"Yes, darling. Now go back to sleep."
"Mmm....that's good," she said as she snuggled closer and went back to sleep.
Jack chuckled to himself.
'Everything seems to be going in a way I never expected.'
And with that he snuffed out the candle.

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"Well, where have you been? Your bed hasn't been slept in. Again."
Renee chided her stepson as he walked in the back door.
He yawned and helped himself to a cup of coffee.
"I was helping a friend out last night. She kind of got in over her head in a situation."
"That was very gallant of you."
He took a flask out and added a touch of rum to his coffee, idly stirring it with his spoon.
He gave out a long pent-up sigh. Renee sipped her coffee and watched him over the rim of her cup. She could tell Phillip was perturbed but if she waited long enough, he would be forthcoming in due time. Most of the time he confided in Renee rather than his father.
She pushed a muffin towards him.
"Thank you, Renee, but I am not hungry."
He ran his fingers through his hair.
"Renee, have you ever had to do something you know would be best but someone would get hurt?"
"Yes, I have."
She wistfully thought back to the time when she had found that Jack had married Honour in the heat of...whatever heat Jack Wolfe had been in at the time. When Jack came to her to announce his marriage, he had already been married three weeks. But she had known about it within hours after the hasty nuptials. Word traveled fast in Barbados. And when Jack had come to her for solace, she gave him the advice to do right by his wife. It pained her to say it but she vowed never to let Jack Wolfe see how much she cared. How much it hurt her that he could never return her love.
Never mind the fact that when he left, Renee's establishment was a few vases lighter. After all, picking up smashed shards against a wall was therapeutic.
And when he showed up drunk at her door the night he discovered his wife gone, Renee knew that she would never be more than a friend.
A friend with benefits.
She shook her head to clear it and bring herself back to the present.
"Does this concern Lenore Culley?"
He nodded his head.
"I don't think I can marry her. Our backgrounds are so different."
"Sometimes opposites attract, Phillip."
"She has money."
"No sin to be rich."
"She's beautiful."
"You will have beautiful children."
"She wants me to quit the sea."
"Men have been known to give it up for their wives."
"Jack Wolfe did. But Father didn't."
"I never demanded it of him."
He reached for Renee's hand.
"You are one of a kind, Renee.  Why are you answering all my objections?"
"Because I want you to be sure of this, Phillip."
He took a sip of his coffee as Renee waited for him to talk it through in his own sweet time.
"The friend was Zara Wolfe."
"Zara? Oh dear me...what has she gotten herself into now?"
Phillip related how Zara could have been in a  bad situation with Tristan Culley and how she managed to get even with him.
"If you hear any repercussions brewing from this, you will let me know, Renee?"
"Wouldn't it be better for Jack to handle this? After all, it IS his daughter."
"No, Jack only knows part of the story. He doesn't know that Tristan tried to drug her. I think we are doing the right thing. Just let me handle it....please?"
She frowned.
"Alright, but if I hear anything that I feel Jack should know, I won't hold back and I will tell him."
"Would you clear it with me first?"
"Yes, I will."
"Thank you."
"Are you going to end it with Lenore?"
He sighed. "I think I would be doing her a disservice by marrying her when...."
His voice trailed off.
"When you are in love with another woman?"
His head shot up.
" did you know?"
"The distraction. The questioning. The doubts. But I have a thought  for you to ponder."
"Of all the women in the world, why did you have to fall in love with the daughter of Mad Jack Wolfe?"
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Tristan woke up to the light of the full moon. He tried to swallow but his mouth felt like he had swallowed a caterpillar.
Squinting at his surroundings, he shivered against a cold breeze.
The horrible realization came over him that he was covered only with a garment of thin cotton.
And smelling of honeysuckle.
Frantically he glanced around, looking for the warm body it belonged to.
But he quickly came to the conclusion that she wasn't there.
Neither were his clothes.

He groaned, between his rapidly spreading headache and the notion that the only way to make it back to the Governor's Mansion was to wear the chemise.
It was that either that or go through the town wearing only what Nature had bestowed upon him.

Gingerly he got up and braced himself against the tree. 'Damn her...DAMN HER! How did she ever figure out....never mind. Just worry about it later. The main thing is to get back home without running into anyone.'

He slipped the chemise over his head and let it slide over his body, the fabric only reaching mid-thigh. 'I swear, if I ever get my hands on her, the draught will have been the least of her worries. Shang-haiing on a ship to the Barbary Coast, suitable punishment for that little tart. Let her try to claw her way out of that one when she is part of a sheik's harem.....'

Tristan looked both ways before he dared to venture out from the cover of the park's trees.
"Oh, you should have seen the tavern wench that was in there tonight..."
He recognized the voices of his two friends. Quickly he ducked to the shadow of the building, sliding down the alleyway. He picked his way from building to building, pausing to check his surroundings for any acquaintances he knew.

"What the hell do ye think ye are doing?"
He looked up to see a fat woman with a rolling pin in her hand.
"No-nothing, Madame. I was just---"
"Ye were 'just' my arse! A peepingTom, that is what ye are! Oi, I saw ye! Sneakin' a peek in the window, hopin' to catch a glimpse of God knows what! ALBERT! ALBERT!!!!"

Tristan took to his heels and sped down the alley way, his new garment flapping in the breeze. He rounded the corner and wiped the sweat away from his brow.

It took Tristan the better part of three hours to finally climb the hill the Mansion stood on. He put his foot on the trellis and hoisted himself up.
"Ow! Ow! Ow!" The roses outside the window of Lenore's room stabbed him at every turn. Finally he reached her window.
Tap! Tap! Tap!
"Lenore? Lenore! Let me in!"
"Huh? Wha--?"
Lenore sleepily raised the window and then covered her mouth as she stifled a laugh. Tristan hoisted one leg and then the other over the sill.
"Pardon me, Miss, but I think you want the room on the left."
"It's not funny, Lenore."
"Well, what happened?"
She tried to hold back her giggles.  She held the chemise out by the hem. "And by the way, that is a stunning shade of pink. It goes well with your complexion."

Tristan stood there with his hands doubled into fists.
"It's that tart. That doxy!"
"What, the one you were so hot after? I'm afraid to ask....but if you ended up with her chemise, what did she end up with? And----where are your clothes?"
"I have no idea."
"What do you mean, no idea? Weren't you awake for it?"
"I don't know WHAT happened. All I know is that I ran into her and we had an ale."
He then blurted out, "How she switched glasses on me, I will never know."
"Switch glasses?"

Tristan had his hand on the doorknob and turned to her as he was walking out.
"I'll change out of this...frou frou. Then I will fill you in on what happened--if I remember it."


"...and that is the when I woke up. Without my clothes, without my boots and without my sword. I swear---"

There was a knock on Lenore's door.
"Who is it?" she called out.
Herndon's voice on the other side asked, "Excuse me, Miss Lenore. I am looking for Mister Tristan. Have you seen him?"
"He's in here, Herndon, having morning coffee."

She opened the door.
"Pardon me, Mister Tristan, but a parcel was delivered to the back door."
He handed the package wrapped in brown paper.
"Thank you, Herndon."
He closed the door with a puzzled look on his face.
"I wonder what it could be?"
"Well, don't just stand there. Open it and find out!"
He ripped the brown paper off.
Inside were his breeches and doublet, accompanied by his hat and any other item of clothing he happened to be wearing. He lifted the shirt out and saw the even slice down the front of the shirt. The breeches and doublet bore the same rent. "What the hell...?"
Lenore picked up a piece of paper that fell out of the folds.
She read, 'If you ever bother the young lady again, I will personally see to it the clothes aren't the only thing that will be sliced. Your sword and boots are at the tavern for you to pick up.'

Lenore looked at carefully.
"It's a man's handwriting. It must be from the young lady's father or brother...or maybe even her lover."
Tristan grabbed the note and read it again.
"This isn't over, Lenore. Not by a long shot."

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"Good morning, Da....Mama!"
Zara waltzed into the kitchen, a smile on her face. She kissed her father on the cheek.
"Isn't it a lovely day?" she beamed as she slid into her chair.
Honour and Jack exchanged amused smiles.
Zara was wearing a new dress of spring green silk, a big bow adorned her hair and curved around her cheek.

"He's not here, Zara," Jack said.
The bow drooped noticeably.

He almost broke out in laughter at her drooping bow. It reminded him of another place and time. A woman named Drusilla with a bow that flew like a pennant above her head.
The disappointment on his daughter's face made him straighten up although he fought the mirth from his smile.
"Phillip left early to take care of some ship's business, dear. He is due to take El Lobo out on the Virginia run this time."
"Will he be gone long?" she tried to casually ask. And failing miserably.
"Six weeks with good weather and a strong tradewind. Eight weeks if there are a few problems."
"Someday, Da, I would like to go. Uncle Will said if I can come, he will have a ball in my honour and introduce me to the upper crust of Jamestown society. Please? May I go just once?"

Honour frowned.
"The sea is a dangerous place, young lady."
"It didn't stop you, Mama."
Jack burst out laughing. "She got you there, darling!"
Honour handed her daughter a basket of muffins.
"What I did out of necessity is not a pleasure trip for you, dear. You never know what danger is lurking out there. What with the Spanish main and all the upheaval in England now. Too many Spanish ships laden with gold and silver. All those pirates and privateers...the ships are just ripe for the pickings. And get that dreamy look off your face, Mad Jack!"

"Daydream? Me? Never!" Jack tried to hide his smile behind his coffee cup.
Zara buttered a muffin.. "I just think there is more to life than Barbados."
Just then there was a cry from the nursery.
Honour got up."I understand, love. I really do. Just don't be in such a hurry to grow up."
She kissed her daughter and left the room.

Jack turned to his daughter. "Now that we are alone, I want to talk to you. the next time you have trouble with a lad to that extent, please talk to me about it. After all, I was young once and know a bit about men and women."
"A bit, Da? I've heard stories."
Jack found himself turning red. "Don't believe all you hear, missy! You don't be getting yourself into a situation like that again."
"I will, Da." She hesitated. "will Phillip be back?" She tried to sound casual.
"I don't know. He pretty much knows the run and I expect he will leave within the week."
Zara stared at her half-eaten muffin, her face registering disappointment. She then stood up.
"I guess I wasn't as hungry as I thought I was." She pushed her chair in. "I'm meeting Sally and we are going to the bazaar. A new shipment of silks are rumoured to be there and the name Wolfe always seems to net me a fine price. Mama promised me a new gown and I get to choose the fabric. Spring, you know!"
She kissed her father and picked up her parasol.  "Tell Mama I will be home before dinner."
"Stay away from the tavern for a bit."
She gave him a wink and a wave. "I shall."
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Phillip walked into the tavern, carrying a burlap sack.
"Mornin', Seamus."
Seamus nodded. "Phillip, what have you got there? Cats in a bag?"
Phillip laughed, "No. I want you to do something for me." He slid a few gold coins towards the tavern keeper.
"There will be a lad coming in asking for these--" Phillip handed over a sword and a pair of fairly new boots.
"When he comes in, I want you to get him to tell you what happened. At least the way HE sees it."
"Will do, Phillip."
"Now, a nice ale would do. I'll be over at that table."
"Care to tip me off on what this is about?"
"Can't say much but he seemed to try to get into a young lady's pantalets uninvited and she taught him a lesson. He may be out to settle the score. Feel him out and if it is something I should know, tip me off to it."
"Sure thing. Here's your ale."
Phillip took a chair with his back to the wall which afforded him a full view of the room and within earshot of Seamus. He didn't have to wait too long. Within twenty minutes, Tristan with a determined stride walked into the tavern and up to Seamus.
"Was a package left here for me?"
Seamus picked up the bag.
"Care to describe said contents?"'
Impatiently, Tristan said, "A sword of Toledo steel inlaid with gold and silver. A pair of boots, hand tooled black leather. Detailed enough for you, man?"

Seamus handed it over. "Close enough, boyo."

 He leaned forward, "That must be some story on how you left your sword and boots behind, boyo. What happened to you?"
Tristan's jaw clenched as he began to examine his boots for any damage, such as a prominently placed "Z" cut into the expensive leather. He nodded with satisfaction when he found them to be unmolested. He then paused to see if anyone he knew was in the pub, and to his relief he found no one. Just a couple of sailors gaming at cards at one table, and a man sitting by himself at another, contemplating his mug of ale.

"Just between you and me, Seamus," said Tristan in a low but tense voice, "I got tricked by a little tart who is too clever for her own good."
"A smart bloke like you?" asked Seamus. He knew what a glutton for flattery Tristan was. It wouldn't take much to keep the young man talking. "She must be a devious one to get one over on you."
"She's devious, all right. Beautiful and beguiling as well. I do have my standards."
"Aye," Seamus nodded. He had seen some of Tristan's "standards", and it was his opinion that the lad was easily blinded by the alcohol he seemed so very fond of.
"Anyway, I approached her to reconcile a misunderstanding we'd had. Everything was going well, or so I thought. In the spirit of letting bygones be bygones, I poured some wine for the both of us. But she somehow distracted me, and in the process she drugged my wine!"
Seamus feigned astonishment "Did she, now? You're right, she's a schemer, that one!"
Tristan was seething as he spun his distorted version of events. "Then, once she was sure I'd been overcome by whatever potion of Morpheus I had been tricked into swallowing, she stole my boots and sword and left me there at the edge of the Common. I am an important man, Seamus! That little minx could have gotten me killed."
 "I can see why you'd be angry, lad. What's next for this evil woman what made a fool out of you? Going to have her thrown in gaol?"
 Tristan picked up his sword and slowly turned it over and over in his hands. "No, Seamus. Gaol is so... impersonal. No one plots against me so and gets away with it. I have other plans for her."
Seamus gave him a wary look. "Now, don't go making old Seamus regret he gave you that sword back..."
Tristan laughed wryly and belted on his blade. "Now, Seamus, I may be cross with her, but I'm no savage."
'There's more than a lass or two who'd disagree,' thought the inn keeper.
"Let's just say justice will be served."
"You know me, Tristan. No one on Barbados is safer with a secret than me."
"Trust me," replied the young man, his voice suddenly ice cold. "You don't want to know." But just as quickly as Tristan's had turned frosty, a warm smile broke across his face. "But there is something you can do for me, dear Seamus. I'm in need of a ship's captain. Preferably one who knows the Mediterranean, even the Barbary Coast. My sister will most likely be getting engaged soon, and I would like to surprise her with some fancy silks."

Seamus didn't believe the story about silks any more than he believed Tristan's version of how he had lost his boots. But the young man had quit talking without divulging enough information to do Phillip any good. Seamus wasn't certain why Phillip wanted to know what Tristan was up to, but he surmised it had to do with the mystery girl. He could think of only one way Phillip could get the information he wanted...

"You're in luck, laddy! You see that gent over there sitting by himself?" Seamus jerked a thumb in Phillip's direction.
Tristan nodded in the affirmative.
"He's your man. He's the one you want to talk to."
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Seamus gave an imperceptible nod to Phillip as Tristan looked away. Phillip nodded subtly back.
Finally Tristan sauntered over to Phillip and held his hand out. Phillip crossed his arms and surveyed him.
He withdrew his hand and sat down. Quietly, he said, "Heard you are a captain of discretion."
Phillip blew his cigarette smoke in Tristan's face.
The pompous young man coughed.
He said, "I have a job for you. Disposing of a person."
"Don't do murder."
Tristan hastily replied, "Oh, I don't want this person killed. I want this person removed from this port."
Phillip looked at him with a jaded eye.
"Removed to...where?"
"Do you go to the Mediterranean?"
"Occasionally." Alright, so it is a lie, Phillip reasoned.
"Barbary Coast?"
He nodded. Tristan jingled a purse filled with gold coins.
"You deal with pashas?"

Phillip felt a knot in his stomach as he was beginning to see where Tristan was heading. Taking in an inaudible breath, he said as calmly as he could, "I've known a few. Silk trade and spices, all that."
Tristan lowered his voice."What about the flesh trade?"
Phillip fixed him with a steely gaze. "Unsavory business."
"Is that a no?"
He shrugged. "What did you have in mind?"

Tristan looked around and motioned Phillip closer.
"There is a young woman--and I won't shed a tear if she happens to disappear."
"You mean you want her shanghaied."
Tristan hefted his purse again. "I can pay handsomely to get rid of the 'problem'. You keep the price you can haggle for her."
"And who might this woman be?"
"Her name is Zara. Comes in heer fairly regularly to study and socialize. I'd like to not see her around here."
"What did she do to you?"
"Drugged me and then robbed me. Loose morals. Will do anything with anyone at any time."

Phillip felt his blood boil.
"So how did you want to go about this?"
"If you meet me here, I will point her out. Then you can take her away. Doesn't have to be the Barbary Coast. Hell, you can gift the crew with her for all I care. As long as she never makes it back here again."

Phillip blew another puff of smoke in Tristan's face.
He coughed.
"Let me think it over."
"There is no 'thinking it over'. If you don't have the stomach for it, I am sure there are plenty who would be willing to---"
"Alright. I'll do it. But this takes a bit of planning."
"But of course."
"Meet me here tomorrow night. We will work out the details. Payment and plan, all of the unnecessary stuff."
Tristan stood up and held his hand out once again.
"You won't regret this profitable enterprise. The young lady is quite beautiful, by the way."
"Uh huh."
He ignored Tristan's handshake once again and the young man dropped his hand down.
"Might I inquire your name, sir? For business purposes only, you understand."
"Cutler. Sam Cutler."
"And your ship is...?"
"The name is good enough for you."
"Tomorrow, then."
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Phillip headed up the hill to Jack's house. He really didn't feel like being the one to tell Jack that his daughter was the intended victim of a dangerous plot. But this went beyond drugging her wine. Her life was in jeopardy.  He knew Jack would know how to handle it.
Taking a deep breath, he knocked on the massive oak door.
"Well, Phillip! Come in, come in!" Mrs Avery exclaimed.
"Hello, Mrs. Avery. Is Jack at home?"
"He's out on the veranda with some business invoices. I do believe Eli is with him."
"I'll see my way back there, thank you."
"And you be stopping by the kitchen on your way out. I have some warm cinnamon buns. Young man like you needs to keep your strength up," she winked.
He grinned, "I'll be there!"
"Well, Phillip! Nice to see you." Jack looked up from his invoices. Eli rose and shook his hand. "How goes it, Eli?"
"Couldn't be better, Phillip. We've increased the crop of sugar this year. I think Harkness will be well-pleased. We are shipping him extra barrels of molasses. They will be ready to go when you are."
"How are Mirella and the boys?"
"Just fine Growing like weeds. Mirella is expecting again."
Phillip grinned, "You devil you!" to which Eli blushed happily.
Jack  smiled, "Eli--with Dafydd's help--has really turned this into a profitable business. Along with the horse breeding."
Phillip joked, "Once he stopped twisting his cap to the point where he always poked a hole in it!" Eli laughed but glowed under Jack's praise.
The men sat down and exchanged news and niceties, while Jack poured them some rum punch.
"Is Honour about?"
"No, she is at the dressmaker's. Then probably off to buy some boots. I swear that woman has more boots. Always had a penchant for them. I'm afraid Zara is following in her footsteps."
Eli stood up. "I'd better be going. Mirella will have dinner ready."
Jack smiled happily, "Thank you for clearing that invoice up for me, Eli. I didn't know where the extra twenty-five barrels figured in."
Eli shook Phillip's hand again. "Fair winds on the trip, Phillip. I know El Lobo will be in good hands."
As they watched Eli leave, Jack smiled, "Yep. Best thing I ever did was pull Eli off the water and set his feet on dry land."
Jack lit his pipe and turned to Phillip. "but I am sure you didn't come here to hear me extol the many virtues of Eli Meredith. The look on your face tells me there is a problem. Something with the cargo?"
"Nothing like that. I was contacted by one Tristan Culley."
Jack's eyebrow went up. "Oh? Do tell."
"I took his boots and sword to the tavern and used it as bait. He bit. Seamus the tavern keeper is a good friend. He sent Culley my way with a very interesting business proposition."
Jack was silent as Phillip continued.
"It concerns your daughter."
Jack took a deep puff but Phillip could see his jaw tighten.
Jack exhaled the smoke through his nose, and Phillip couldn't help but think he like a brooding dragon. Jack set the pipe down and leaned back in his chair.
"Go on."
Phillip took a deep breath before starting. "You're really not going to like this."
"I already know that, or you would have spit it out long before now. What did clay-brained lout say?"
"Tristan was looking to hire a ship. Fortunately, he doesn't know my face. I played along to find out his plan."
"If he learned one thing from his father, it's how to scheme. Just how does he intend to hurt my daughter?"
"Jack, he... he wants her kidnapped, and sent off. To the Barbary coast. And sold into slavery."
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Jack stared at Phillip for what felt to the younger man like a lifetime. Finally, Jack shifted his gaze out over the property. His eyes narrowed.
"Well," he said quietly, "we can't have that."
Phillip waited for him to say something else, but Jack remained silent.
His father had told him stories of Jack's exploits, and of his temperament. Of how a situation wasn't truly serious as long as Jack kept talking. Or shouting. But when he fell silent, even the fiercest storm would take pause. Phillip knew his father was exaggerating, as he often did when he spun a tale. But now, Phillip was beginning to doubt it was another exaggeration.
Finally, Jack broke the silence.
"Did you discuss a timetable yet?"
"No. I strung him along. I'm supposed to meet with him tomorrow night to talk terms."
"And you're supposed to leave for the Virginia colony in a week, correct?"
"Eight days, yes."
Jack chewed his bottom lip as he thought. "Then tell him that. Make it clear you leave a week from tomorrow. The pig has deep pockets, so make sure you bleed him."
"Fine, I can do that. And in the meantime, you'll spirit Zara off somewhere safe so it makes it look as if I've kidnapped her! Brilliant!"
Jack shook his head. "No. You will kidnap her."
 Phillip's mouth dropped open. "What?! Why?"
"Phillip, you know Zara. There is no possible way to keep her under wraps for more than twenty minutes. An hour or two if you give her a book, maybe."
"Are you sure about this, Jack?"
"Tristan Culley throws his father's money about just freely enough to buy a few favours. He'll have people snooping about to make sure Zara really is gone. She is my daughter. If she were to remain here, any ruse would be spoiled in a matter of days and she'd be right back in danger. She needs to be spirited away, as you said. And you're the one who is going to do it."
"But, I..."
"No. It's decided." Jack took a sip of his punch, then looked Phillip squarely in the eyes. "I trust you, Phillip. And I would rather she be in your care than trying to lock her away where there's a still a possibility of Culley getting his paws on her. We'll kick up enough of a fuss to convince him we don't know where she is, and that will be easier if we're not the ones trying to hide her. So make doubly sure El Lobo is ship shape and Bristol fashion, mister. Your cargo just got a hell of a lot more precious."
"What about Honour? Will she agree to this?"
Jack sighed. "Eventually. Leave that worry to me."
"And... what about Tristan?"
"Tristan Culley is mine. I'll stop short of mounting his head on the wall. He's not worth the effort to dust."

Phillip managed a smile at the thought of Mrs. Avery taking a feather duster to Tristan's head. But his mood sobered again quickly as he thought about the turn this day had taken.
"Jack, I promise I'll take good care of her. She will be safe, I swear my life on it."
Jack nodded. "Good. I'll hold you to that," he said, with no hint of a smile. "She's my baby, Phillip. She is such a large portion of my world, and of my heart. I can't bear the thought of losing her. It's taking everything I have to entrust her to you. Please do not fail me. Or her."
"You have my word."
"Good. Now, off you go. You have a ship to make ready for a princess. And I have to go explain things to the queen."
Phillip nodded, and hastily made his way across the lawn to his horse.
Jack picked up his pipe, and watched as smoke curled upward into the air from its bowl.

"Now then, Tristan Culley. Exactly how shall I make you burn for all this trouble you've brought upon my family?"
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Jack opened the bedroom door.
Honour had a new dress and some fabric lying on the bed. An opened box holding a new pair of boots was on the floor. Well, the box was on the floor but the boots were on Honour's feet as she stood in her chemise with another new dress she was holding up to her.
"Look, darling! I can still fit in the same size even after having Reinette. And look at the new.....oh dear. Are you cross with me for getting another pair of boots?
Jack, these were one of a kind and...... You are really displeased with me."
He sighed deeply. "Sweetheart, I have never denied you anything. I think we need to have a bit of a serious talk."
Honour's face was alarmed. "You aren't leaving me, are you? I swear, you always said you wanted a wolfe-pack and I did my best...haven't I? Seven children? Did I ever complain about it? No, I didn't and---"
Jack took both her arms and put them to her side. "It's about Zara."
Honour's face took on a panicked look.
"Zara? Oh no....what has she done?"
"Let's go out on and sit on the balcony for a bit. We have a bit of a....situation."
 Honour felt the blood leave her face.
"Oh no...please tell me she's not....I mean....Jack, I am too young to be a grandmother! Who is it? I swear if it is----"
Jack shook his head.
"No, darling. She's not in the family way. She seems to have 'crossed swords' as it were with a young man and he is out for revenge."
"What? What could Zara have possibly done? Turned him down for tea? Refused to go for a walk with him? What?"
 "It seems that the individual is Tristan Culley and---"
"That rogue? I've seen him in the market. He once tipped his hat to me and leered. He certainly didn't know I was your wife and certainly not Zara's mother. I gave him  a withering look and he turned his attention to someone else."
"Well, it seems Zara is in a bit deeper than that. He's been bothering her. To put it mildly."
 Honour grabbed Jack's rapier.
"Where the hell are you going with that, Honour?"
"To bother Tristan Culley. A bit more than mildly. And slice him neck to nuts."
"You can't do that!"
"Just watch me. That palmetto was nothing."

"Honour, STOP!" Jack voice resonated in Honour's ears just the way it had when he would give the crew orders aboard ship. Despite her anger, she felt compelled to comply.
"No one threatens my child."
"No one threatens OUR child," he replied. "No one raises a hand to my family, ever. This matter will be dealt with, Honour. I promise you that. But not this way. Please, put the sword down and sit with me so we can talk this through."
Honour looked at the blade in her hand, then back to her husband. Reluctantly, she propped the sword against the wall.
"You're right, as usual," she said with a sigh.
"Of course I'm right. Besides, a beautiful woman in nothing but a chemise coming at him with a sword? You'd probably be playing into a fantasy of his. Or one of mine. We'll talk about that later."
Honour sat down on the bed, her face clouded with worry. "This isn't a time for jokes, Jack."

"I know, love. And I'm sorry." He sat down beside her and took her hand. "Honour, things are moving quickly. We have to get Zara out of harm's way as soon as possible, but not in a way that would let Tristan know we're on to his plot."
"You're going to tell me about this plot, right?"
"I'd really rather not get into the details..."
"Yes you would. I know where you sleep and we're in a house full of sharp things."
"Now who is the one making jokes?"
Honour looked at him, with no hint of a smile touching her lips.

"Oh. All right, then. Details." He took a deep breath. "Zara wounded Tristan's pride a bit too deeply."
"How so?"
"She left him unconscious near the town commons, wearing nothing but, um... her chemise."
"What?! I mean, I like her style, it sounds like something I would have done. But does this mean they were.... you know..." She felt sick as she tried to fend off the thought of her daughter lying with that scoundrel.
"No, nothing like that. He was drunk, made a fool of himself with her, and passed out. She thought it was time to teach him a lesson."
" And being a Culley, he can't leave well enough alone. What does he plan as his revenge? Please, Jack. Tell me the truth."
"Well, love, you're right. His plan is over the top. He... he wants Zara gone. Spirited away. Permanently."
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Honour sat there, trying to process all that Jack was telling her.
"He wants her....dead?"
"Not exactly. He plans to send her to the Barbary Coast."
Honour whispered, "That bastard. That bloody bastard. did you find all this out?"
"From Phillip. He was the one who helped her that night. Saw that she arrived home safely."
"God bless him. He always looked out for Zara like a sister."

"He did some reconnaissance work and found out what Culley was up to. Honour, darling, I know that you won't like what I am suggesting but we need to get Zara out of here for a bit."
"Oh no, Jack. There is no way I am sending her to a convent. You get rid of that idea right now."

"Darling, I think it would be best to put Zara under the protection of Phillip."
"What? Jack, are you out of your mind?"
"What do you mean?"
"An attractive, dashing man like Phillip and an impressionable girl like Zara?"
"Honour, get that thought out of your head. She will be safe with him."
Honour stood up and paced. "I was sixteen once. For goodness sake, Jack, I was married at seventeen and a widow at eighteen. A bride again and a mother all before I was twenty."

"She won't be with Phillip all the time. I want to send her to Virginia on this next voyage. Phillip will look out for her and deliver her over to Will Harkness for a while. I am willing to have Phillip stay with them to keep an eye on her so she doesn't give the Colonial boys  collective heart attacks. And you know how Will feels about Zara. The daughter he never had. He's always spoiled all the girls but Zara had the edge. It may be good for her to see a bit of the world. It wouldn't be for more than three months. The next shipment won't be ready till then and when Phillip comes back, I will have Josiah take the next run."

"Jack, have you noticed the way Zara looks at him?  He may care for her like a sister, but I don't think she sees him in a brotherly light."
He nodded. "I've noticed. Not something I've dwelt on, for my sanity's sake."
"Are you sure the is no other way to protect her?"
"I'm positive. I would never have suggested it if I wasn't. Honour, I don't like this any more than you do. But that Culley brat has forced us into this situation. You know keeping Zara under wraps here would be next to impossible. It would be only a matter of time before Tristan got his hooks into her. Sending her off with Phillip will let Culley think he's won."
"Then what?"
"Once he's become complacent, he will be dealt with. He thinks he's ready to play a man's game. I'll be the one to show him how it's played."

Jack caressed Honour's cheek. "I know it's not a perfect solution, love. But I trust her to be safer with Phillip than I can hope to provide for her here. I let him know that I'm not putting my faith in him lightly. And he understands."

"I think we need to invite Renee and Josiah over with Phillip. We need a plan to pull this off. Renee can help spread the word about Zara disappearing. Nothing spreads gossip quicker than at a sporting house."
Honour sighed. "Zara always never thinks out the consequences of her actions. She should have just come to you, Jack. You would have made it right before it got too far."

In a small voice, she whispered, "Jack, promise me we can get her away before Tristan Culley can hurt her."
"She will be safe. I promise you that. To be sure, we will have Simon and Geordie watch her as bodyguards. Unbeknownst her Zara, of course. They can blend anywhere and if Culley makes one move in her direction, they will put the hurts to him. But there is one thing."
"What is that?"
"To make it real, we have to stage an actual kidnapping."
Honour looked puzzled at him.
"How do you plan on doing that?"
"Phillip will go through it with actually kidnapping her. I say he whisks her away from a public place. Zara can be at the tavern studying. Philip somehow calls her over and she leaves her books on the table, never to return for them. Of course, her clothes will be packed in a trunk and already on board El Lobo."
"I'm sure Zara can pull off the kidnapping. If the theatre wasn't such a disreputable environment, she would have made it big on the stage. She would give Nell Gwyn a run for her money."
"Well, it's a good thing she is in Barbados. Charles II has a penchant for actresses. Nell Gwyn....Moll Davis...."
"Well, he can forget about adding Zara Wolfe to the list."

"Don't frown so, darling. She will be alright."
Honour felt her eyes filling with tears.  In a small voice, she said, "She's still my little girl, Jack."
He held her hand.  "I know, sweetheart. And if I had any doubt on the success of this, I never would go through with it. But Phillip as taken this run at least half a dozen times before. He stays in the main shipping lanes and no one has ever bothered El Lobo."
"I suppose we need to sit Zara down and tell  her the consequences of her actions. I wish she wasn't so impetuous, Jack. There were a few times that a few mothers would stop me at the bazaar and tell me how Zara broke their sons's hearts."
"I've never seen any of these young men come courting."
"They were intimidated by you."
"If you were a young man, wouldn't YOU be afraid of you?"

Jack chuckled. "I guess Zara will have to find a man who is older and self-confident."
They both looked at each other. Jack coughed slightly. "Yes, well, I guess I will have to have a talk with Phillip before the leave."
Honour nodded. "Yes, and the sooner the better."
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"Zara, look at this! The silk is wonderful!"
Zara picked it up and hefted it in her hands, running her fingers over it.
"The colour is beautiful." She held it up to her face. "Do you think it goes well with my eyes?"
Sally laughed, "You know it does!"
"I need something for my cousin Morwenna's wedding."
"The silk is just perfect for a new dress. Has she set a date yet?"
"As far as I know, it will be sometime in the fall."
Suddenly she stopped. " you ever get the feeling we are being watched?"
Sally looked up from inspecting the tatted lace.
"What? Why do you say that?"
"Oh....just a feeling I get. I really need to replace that chemise."
Sally giggled. "And send the bill to Tristan Culley!"

Zara snapped her fingers. "What a perfectly marvelous idea!"
She sighed. "But I am sure he won't pay it."
Sally shook her head. "Zara, I don't know how you get away with half the things you do. Or even how you think up these things."
Zara said dreamily, "Let's just say I was inspired to get out of my chemise."
"Oh...never mind."

They walked a bit towards a vendor selling cakes. Zara bought one for each of them.
Casually she asked, "What do you think of Phillip Briggs?"
"That wonderful example of what a man should look like? I think he is devastatingly handsome."
"Isn't he though?"
"Too bad he is old. I heard that he has been courting Lenore Culley."
Zara drew herself up. "Well...I don't hear any wedding bells, do you?"
Sally dropped the shawl she was looking at.
"What has you in such a snit fit? Oh, don't tell me! You fancy the dashing Mister Briggs!"
Zara retorted, "Don't be ridiculous. He's an old family friend."
She stopped suddenly. "Did you hear that?"
"Hear what?"
"Nothing, I guess. Just a feeling. Come on, let's get some tea and then I need to head home."


After dinner, Jack motioned to Zara.
"Your mother and I need to have a talk with you. Let's take our dessert out to the verandah."
Zara thought, 'Uh oh...this is never good.'
"Is this about my studies, Da? I know I have a bit of trouble with the reading of the stars. But I think in another month I will have it down pat."

Honour sat down on the chaise, looking to be on the verge of tears.
"Mama...? Is everything alright? Da..? Tell me nothing is wrong."
"Nothing that can't be fixed, Zara. First I need to know how you got yourself into a situation with Tristan Culley to the point that he was wearing your chemise."

Zara looked down. "He put some white powder in the wine he bought for me. He then tried to get me away from the cafe. I went with him because I saw what he had done and I quickly switched the glasses. Before we reached the lane by the harbour, he passed out. Mama, if I hadn't switched the glasses..."
Jack asked, "Darling, if he was bothering you, why didn't you come to us?"
"Because I was able to handle him. I wanted him to know he can't trifle with a Wolfe and I wanted to teach him a lesson he wouldn't soon forget."
Honour spoke up, "I can't say I blame you. And I must say that I may have done the same thing, considering the circumstances."
Her mind drifted back to a time in St Lawrence when she also taught a cruel captain a lesson he never forgot. Or forgive.

Jack said gently, "Darling, I am afraid young Culley didn't take kindly to your lesson. In fact, Phillip found out a few things."
Zara looked puzzled. "How?"
"It seems Phillip sent Culley a note to pick up his effects and a message warning him to leave you alone. Seamus the barkeep was in on it and steered Culley towards Phillip who was waiting it out. I'm afraid that Culley is arranging with Phillip to have you shanghaied to the Barbary Coast where young ladies of your beauty are sold to Arabian pashas."
"WHAT?" she practically shouted. "That low down...that...that...!"
Honour fought back her tears.
"Your father and Phillip have devised a plan but it has to be handled just right."
Jack continued, "Phillip is going to go along with the plans and kidnap you. But instead of the Barbary Coast, he will take you with him to the run up to Virginia where the two of you will spend a bit of time with Will. The voyage will take about three weeks, then you can spend two months there. By the time the two of you come back, the situation will have resolved itself."
"You leave that to me."

Honour spoke up, "Meanwhile you have to carry on as though everything was normal. Your father has arranged for Simon and Geordie to watch over you. In the next few days, we will pack your trunk and anything you want to take with you. I suggest you take your astronomy books to study. Phillip can tutor you."
Jack continued, "When the time is right, Philip will kidnap you but the ship won't sail till the next day to avert any suspicions it was El Lobo you were on. Ships come and go in this port and even if Culley decided to check with the dock master, he won't see El Lobo on the list.

Honour started to cry. "Oh, sweetheart. I will miss you so much."
Zara hugged her mother. "Mama, I am so sorry. But I will be back before you know it. I'd better see what I want to take."
"Zara? Not a word to Sally or your other friends."
"Da...are you going to kill Tristan Culley?"
"No, darling. I won't kill him."

As Zara left the room, Honour said, "You won't kill him?"
"No, I won't."
"Then you are a better person than I am, Jack."
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Honour knocked softly on the door.
"Come in."
Zara had been gazing out the bay window at the ocean.
"Are you alright, darling?"
Zara nodded.
"Mama, I can't believe that Tristan would resort to such drastic measures."
"You wounded his pride, dear. Publicly. Men are prickly about things like that."
"But it was just to teach him a lesson. I meant no harm. It was just a prank."

Honour smoothed the hair from her daughter's face. "I wish there was another way to handle it.."
"But I will be alright, won't I? After all, I will be with Phillip."
Honour nodded. "I know. But we need to have a mother and daughter talk. About this situation."

Zara could feel a blush on her face.
Honour continued, "Darling, I know what it is like to be your age and in love."
"Like you were with Da."
She smiled, a hint of melancholy behind it. "Your father is my soul mate, darling. Always has been, always will be. But I was in love with a man at sixteen. He was my first love."
"Mama, I thought it was always you and Da."
She shook her head.
"Some things we leave in the past but they are always there, sweetheart. I met Rhys when I was ten and he was twenty. He was a man of the sea."
"Like Da?"
"In other words, a pirate. Mama!"

Honour laughed. "Alright, so he was a pirate. He was a friend of your father's and saved his life a couple times."
"Where is he now?"
Honour's face grew sad. "He passed away, Zara. Some years ago."
"Did he introduce you to Da? Is that really how you met?"
She shook her head. "Rhys told me if I was ever in trouble, to go to his friend Jack Wolfe. When Rhys died, I needed a fresh start so I sailed to Barbados and found your father. We fell in love and got married."

" Rhys....I mean, you said you were in trouble."
Honour looked shocked but then laughed softly, "No, Zara. Rhys is not your father. You are Mad Jack's daughter through and through."
Zara hugged her mother. "I'm glad. I can't imagine having any other father!"
Honour grew serious. "And now we need to have a serious talk. You will be on the ship with Phillip for quite a bit of the time. While he is a very attractive man, I expect good behaviour out of both of you. While you are en route to Virginia, Phillip will help you with your studies. When you get to Virginia, he will turn you over to Uncle Will.  He has things to do in port, arranging the sale and storage of the molasses and anything else your father wants to distribute to the colonies."
Honour then smiled, "I am sure by then Phillip will be glad to relinquish his responsibilities to Will."
Zara's head snapped up and then she saw the twinkle in her mother's eyes. Zara laughed. "I'll behave, Mama. I promise. On ship and in Virginia."

Honour hugged her daughter. "Your brothers are with Uncle Duckie for the summer and the twins are with Aunt Megan it seems most of the time. So it will mostly be just Rennie, your father and me. My, how quiet the house will be!"
"Will Da have things fixed by the time I get home?"
"I guarantee it, love. If he wasn't sure, he would never let you come back to this...mess. I don't know what he has planned, but  he is always fair."
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