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Honour was placing flowers on the table, a worried frown on her face.
Jack came behind her and put his arms around her, drawing her close to him.
"All the turmoil here and you still try to make the place beautiful."
She turned to face him.
"Force of habit," she managed to smile. He smoothed her hair back from her face.
"Everything will be fine, Honour. I promise."
"I'll be glad when Josiah, Phillip and Renee get here. The sooner all the plans are set, the sooner I can breathe a little easier."
"You have the baby and the other kids to worry about. You let me worry about Zara."
"Are you worried?"
"No, I'm not."
"I can't help it, Jack. She's still my baby."
He said softly, "I know. Where is she now?"
Upstairs trying to decide what to pack. I think she is looking at this as an adventure."
"Like her mother would?" he smiled.
She kissed Jack. "I suppose so. There's the bell, it must be our dinner guests. Would you get the door, please?"

Jack opened the door to the three of them. Renee breezed by Jack.
"Where is my baby?"
"Upstairs with Honour."
"Then you know where I will be. Ta!"
"Gentlemen? To the verandah for brandy and smokes."

Settling back in the chair, Jack asked, "Has there been any backlash? Any rumours?"
Josiah shook his head. "Haven't heard any, but then I haven't been to the taverns and of course I stay out of Renee's business."
Phillip spoke up, "Tavern talk but not much. Just that Tristan Culley was seen walking naked through the town. A prostitute kicked him out for non-payment. I suppose that is preferable to walking home in a lacy, pink chemise."
"Any word on repercussions?"
They both looked at each other. "Not that we have heard."

Jack drew a deep breath. "It figures. The more devious, the more no one knows."
Josiah asked, "How is Zara taking all this?"
"I think in a way she sees this as an adventure. We need to emphasize to her how serious this is. I've thought all this out and we need all the pieces to fall into place so we can pull this off successfully."
"What do you have in mind for Culley?"
Jack took a puff on his pipe.
"Not quite sure yet, but the punishment will fit the intended crime."


The dinner plates were cleared off. Jack dismissed the kitchen staff for the evening.
"Let's all take our dessert out to the verandah. What we have to say, I don't want the staff to hear."
Honour had put the baby to bed and joined them on the verandah. Drinks were poured but Honour sipped lemonade.
"Please, Da, may I have a brandy?"
Jack relented and poured her a small glass. Then he began.
"Zara, I hope you realize the seriousness of what has happened. If Phillip had not the forethought to engage Seamus in the plans and hatched the scheme, we may well be missing one daughter to a fate no young woman would ever deserve."

She hung her head down. She said humbly, "I am so sorry, everyone. It wasn't my intention to inconvenience anyone."
Jack continued, "What I have to say will be held in strictest confidence. I am reluctant to burden you, Honour, with all the details but you need to have peace of mind. Josiah, you already know as my best friend. Renee, you have your ears to the ground so you can tell us what is the local gossip. Speculations. Phillip? Have you made any arrangements with Tristan Culley yet?"
"No, I am to meet him at the tavern tomorrow with the price of his blood money and provide him with an outline of what will happen. I've no doubt he will be waiting in the shadows to see his diabolical plot unfold."
"Phillp, meet with him and bleed the pig dry for what you can get. Split the money between you and Zara and have a good time at Culley's expense. Tomorrow I will go to the dock master- Edward is his name. He's an old friend of whom I have done favors for. He will register a fictitious ship--the Neptune's Trident--and it will be captained by Captain Samuel Cutler, scheduled to depart on the 23rd.
On the 22nd, Tuesday, Zara will be at the tavern. A note will be passed to her from Seamus, asking her to meet someone. Zara, you will leave your books, go out to the front of the tavern and head towards the port.  Simon and Geordie will be watching and protecting you.
Phillip, don a disguise or at least cover your face. As Zara passes the old warehouse, you will grab her and she will struggle. By this time, Culley will be satisfied is plot is working. Simon and Geordie will accost him if he tries to follow. Phillip will carry you to El Lobo. Your trunks will be there--"
"--along with your schoolbooks---" Honour added.
"---and you will stay there overnight and El Lobo will sail off to Virginia with the first tide on the 24th. I'll be on board to see you off. Checking to make sure the plans have all come together."

"Da, I'm scared."
"I know, sweetheart, but you have my very best men as bodyguards and who else but Phillip would I trust to carry you off?"
Renee added, "Anything you want me to do, Jack?"
"Yes. In about a week, word may stat to circulate that Zara Wolfe is gone. We may have to float the rumour that her parents think she ran off with a boy she had been forbidden to see.
Of course, Tristan Culley will have a private laugh, thinking he knows better."
Josiah asked, "Have we covered everything?"
"I think so. Anything you want to add, Phillip?"
"No. Except that I want you and Honour to know Zara is in capable hands. I will make sure she studies and I will keep her safe. Then we can turn the visit to Will into a holiday."
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Phillip had taken a seat with his back to the wall in the tavern. Seamus had aptly named it  the Sahara. He idly ran his finger over his tankard of ale when his mark had sauntered in. Catching Phillip's eye, he headed over to him.

"Ready to discuss the details of our venture, Cutler?"
"That's Captain Cutler to you."
Tristan nodded. "Understood, Captain. May I get you an ale?"
He nodded. "Two ales here, barkeep."

Seamus came over with the ales, Tristan giving him a few extra coins. He added, "For your trouble. And we are not to be disturbed."
Phillip replied, "We are discussing the price of some silks."
"And what goes in them," Tristan smirked.
Phillip kicked him in the shins under the table.
Phillip leaned forward and hissed, "Are you crazy? Keep your voice down, you idiot."
Tristan's face turned red with rage but he fought for control. He was too enmeshed into the plot to risk angering the captain.

"So....what is the price to get rid of the problem?"
"One hundred reales."
"WHAT? Are you crazy?"

Phillip sat back and lit his black cigarette, blowing smoke in Tristan's face once again.
"You're in too deep to just walk away, Culley. I have the ship, I have the reliability and I have the plans to dispose of the problem.  Are you also willing to risk that I may have people who just might drop a word or two around port on what happened to said damsel?"
"You blackmailing me, Cutler?"
"Oh.....blackmail is such a nasty word. Let's say I am being practical. You have a problem, I have the means to make the problem go away.  I advertise quick and discreet solutions. So that is my price. One hundred reales."

Tristan mopped his brow. "I don't HAVE Spanish reales.  I am about fifty short."

Phillip leaned forward. "Let me lay out what you are getting for that price. You are getting personalized service. Discreet, personalized service. That is worth one hundred reales. But I'll tell you what. I like you. I like your...ingenuity. Your style. How about fifty reales and  the rest in English pounds? Being Culley's son, I am sure you can lay your hands on it."
Tristan nodded. "Alright. Do we have a deal?"
He stuck his hand out to shake Phillip's but all he got was a face full of smoke.

Phillip leaned back. "You can leave the money with Seamus. He knows that if he steals as much as one real, I'll slice him like a sturgeon. Have it here no later than 5 PM."
Tristan sat down. "How do you intend to go about it?"
"That's for me to know. If I catch you within one hundred yards of the Sahara, I'll  slice you from stem to stern. Because---" he motioned Tristan closer, "---dead men tell no tales."

Tristan got up to leave. "Then I trust by Wednesday, the problem will be eliminated?"
"Tuesday night, the problem will be contained and by Wednesday it will be removed."
Tristan put his hat on.
"One thing," Phillip said.
Tristan turned, "What's that?"
"Your cloak. Consider it what the French call 'lagniappe'."
"You--you want my cloak?"
"Call it a gesture of good faith. A bonus for a job well done. And compensation for having you pay in those damn English pounds. They don't spend as quickly in the Caribbean."
"But this cloak is the finest wool from Scotland. It cost me deep in the purse. And it's lined, too."
"Hand it over.  It's a down payment that you won't welsh out on the deal."

Tristan and Phillip locked eyes. Finally Tristan took off the cloak.
"Alright. But it is so last year's, you know."
"Nancy-boy," Phillip muttered.
"Nothing. Hand over the sword, too."
"Now, wait a minute! This is Toledo steel!"
"Leave it. Or I tell a few people what you have planned and being the protectors of women, they won't take kindly to that."

Tristan felt his face grow red but he finally unsheathed the sword.
"Great. Now you are letting me walk without a weapon through the town."
"At least I didn't leave you with a chemise."
"How--how did you hear about that."
"Thanks for the sword. Now---'Ta. That means get lost and leave the money with Seamus."
Tristan gathered what was left of his pride and left the tavern.

Phillip turned the sword over in his hands.
"Yep. Toledo steel. Silver with a basket of inlaid gold. Suitable gift for a wolf-pup, I'd say."
He stood up, picking the cloak up and held it up to the tavern light.
"And just her colour, too."

He walked out, whistling a tune as he left the Sahara for the night.

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Phillip drew a deep breath as he knocked on the massive oak door. This was what he dreaded. Facing Lenore.
"Good evening, Mister Briggs."
"Hello, Herndon. Would you please tell Miss Lenore I am here?"
"Certainly. Please wait in the parlour."

Phillip walked into the room to wait. He really wasn't in the mood to be there. But Lenore needed to know the plans. He glanced over to the decanter on the buffet and helped himself to some brandy.
'Not as good as Jack's but then, why would he have something that good?'
He walked over to the small table near the overstuffed chair. 
A few miniatures. He picked up the one of Lenore.
A beautiful woman with cascading auburn hair. The artist caught the haughtiness in her face. The next miniature was of Tristan. Dark and brooding.
Putting the two portraits together, there was nothing to indicate that they were related.

Herndon entered the room and cleared his throat.
Phillip turned.
"Miss Lenore said to make yourself comfortable and she will be with you shortly."
"'Shortly' can range from a few minutes to an hour, Herndon."
"Miss Lenore has never felt bound by the hands of a clock,” said Herndon, the ghost of a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
“A world of truth there, mate.” Phillip regarded the miniatures again. “Since we have time on our hands, I was wondering... For sister and brother, Lenore and Tristan don’t share much resemblance.”
“It’s not my place to discuss family matters, Mister Briggs.”
“Yes, but...?”
Herndon shifted his feet as he looked at the mantle clock. “Miss Lenore never told you? About Tristan?”
“She rarely speaks of her brother.”
“Half-brother, sir.”
Phillip’s eyes went wide. “Half? I never even knew the governor remarried.”
“He did, ever so briefly.” Herndon cleared his throat again before continuing. “After Miss Lenore’s mother died, the governor became rather taken with a woman of... central European persuasion, shall we say.”
“Central European? Which country?”
“None specifically, sir. If you get my meaning.”

Phillip chuckled. “Well, that old dog. He fell for a gypsy, eh?”
“Regrettably, yes.”
“But you said only briefly. Did she pass on in childbirth?”
“No, sir. You might say she moved on. A permanent residence did not agree with her nature.”
"Tristan looks like trouble."
“He has always been impulsive, much to his father’s dismay.”
Phillip could see how these events could have shaped Tristan into the reckless, arrogant bully he was now. But it did not help to engender any sympathy.

Herndon poured himself a glass of sherry.
"Ah yes....beautiful thing, tall and lithe with long dark hair and the most incredible golden-brown eyes. She was quite striking. And quite light-fingered if you catch my meaning."
"She stole?"
"In a matter of speaking. The Governor did quite a bit of entertaining. And there for a while, the female guests would miss a bracelet here, a necklace there. A ring or two. Of course, no one would ever dare accuse the wife of the Governor. It was written off to maybe a servant or a loose clasp. Why, once Henry Morgan--the privateer--came to one of the soirees and was missing his gold cigarette case. He thought he mislaid it on the terrace. However, once she left, the clasps were somehow made better and the servants stayed the same."

"Where did he meet her?"
"On a trip to France. In the Basque region. He was on an official trip and came home with a wife."
"Well, I'll be damned!"
"Drina was her name. After Tristan was born, she exhibited signs of restlessness. She would go walking in the woods alot. And then one day....gone. The Governor made every effort to find her but never did. Somehow I think that Tristan exhibits the same recklessness, the same wantonness that she did. But she was a beautiful lady."

"'Beautiful lady'. Were you talking about me?" Lenore smiled as she descended the stairs.
She came down the stairs with her head held  high, a dimpled smile graced her face.
She held her hands out.
"I just received an invitation for us to a dinner in honour of the Duke of Cumberland when he arrives next week."
"Next week? When did this come about?"
"I told you, Phillip, that he was gracing us with his presence to inspect the colony. He and my father are meeting to discuss the matter of trade within the colonies and England and what is impeding them. Dare I say...pirates?"
Phillip felt the colour rise in his cheeks.
Lenore drew out her fan and waved it in front of her face. "But you don't have a thing to worry about., seeing that you are a merchantman. And the dinner will be ever so much fun."
"I won't be here."
"What do you mean, you won't be here?"
"I have to sail out in two days."
"TWO DAYS? You were supposed to sail in two WEEKS!"
"We have cargo that can't wait."
"Oh? And what cargo is that?"
"And they can't wait?"
"The cargo is....extremely fragile. Jack wants me to personally see it to Virginia."
"And what am I supposed to do until you get back? Knit?"
"Of course not. You can find an escort and go to the social events until I come back."
"Find an escort? Like you expect me to hire a man to accompany me?"
"No, I meant....I don't know what I meant. Can't you go by yourself?"
"Maybe you can accompany your father."
"When we started seeing each other, I said 'goodbye' to going by myself."
"Well, I'm sorry but this is an expedited run. Jack has some cargo he has to get out of here in a hurry."
"The hell with Jack Wolfe. Have your father go."
"It's my turn. Lenore, be reasonable."
"No, YOU be reasonable. When we are married, I expect this to change. Even if you have to find another vocation."

He sighed, got up to leave and bent to give her a kiss. Lenore turned her head and said tightly, "By the time you come back, I fully expect us to make an announcement."
He said nothing, put his cavalier hat on and walked out the door.
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Zara came into the parlour. Jack and Honour had been talking in low voices, Honour twisting a handkerchief in her hands. Zara could see that she had been crying.
Taking a deep breath, she said, "Mama...Da...I think this is it."
Jack rose and put his arms on his daughter's shoulders.
"It will be alright, Zara. Phillp will take good care of you."
She nodded, her eyes filling with tears. She laid her head on Jack's chest and started to cry.

"Oh, Da.....I'm scared."
"Don't be, darling. Just do what we planned. Take your books and sit at the far end table in the tavern. I know it will be hard but try to study. Simon and Geordie will be there for back up for Phillip. They won't take their eyes off you. And Phillip has McDowell  helping him. I am willing to bet that Tristan Culley and maybe even a few of his friends will be there to watch the drama.  Just act normal and when they grab you, put up a struggle and they will whisk you away. I know Culley wont' dare follow."
Honour spoke up, "Your trunks are already down on the ship. The ship will be sailing on Wednesday so Culley will think you left on any ship sailing out on Tuesday. El Lobo will be blameless."

Zara ran to her mother and the two hugged, both of them crying.
"Oh, darling....."
Zara cried like she hadn't since she was a little girl.
"I--I know I will be alright. Phillip will take care of me."
Honour looked into her daughter's eyes and said, "Remember all that we talked about. You take care. I think this will be the longest four months of my life."
She picked up Zara's shawl and wrapped it around her.
"You will always be my baby, Zara."

Jack said quietly, "Zara, darling, it is time to put this plan in motion. Here's your books and now go to the tavern. Simon and Geordie are here now. They will follow you to make sure Culley hasn't any other plans. Then they will report back to me to tell me you are safe. I'll be on El Lobo right before she sails to make sure you are tucked away safe."

She picked her books up and wrapped her shawl closer to her as if for protection. She was trembling but she said bravely, "I will be alright. After all, I am the daughter of Mad Jack Wolfe and Lady Conaway!"

The front door closed after her and Honour dissolved into tears in Jack's arms.
He stroked her hair and said quietly, even though he was fighting his emotions.
"She's right, you know. She has Wolfe and Conaway blood. A deadlier combination never existed before."


The wind was picking up and whipping Zara's hair around her face. The clouds reached around the moon like icy fingers. The trees were bending down. For some reason, the port never seemed so sinister. She shifted her books as she clutched her cloak around her.
She whispered to the trees in the lane, "Simon? If you are there, please give me a sign. Perhaps the whip-poor-will call that you taught me as a child. Because, Simon, I am really scared."
From the trees in the lane, the call came. Zara answered with her own and Simon called back again.
She whispered, "Thank you."
From the trees whispered back, "You're welcome."
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The lights of the tavern were bright as Zara sat down and put her books on the table. She remembered to take her old books. The current ones were packed in her trunk on El Lobo.
Seamus came over, concern in his eyes. " 'ello, Miss Zara. What can I get you?"
She looked up into his face, understanding written there.
"Hello, Seamus. I'd like an ale, please."
He laughed, "Miss Zara, your father would not approve."
"I know. But I think I deserve one now."
He imperceptibly nodded and touched her hand gently, giving her a reassuring pat.
She opened her books and tried to concentrate. As Seamus brought back her ale, he pressed a note into her hand as he handed her the tankard.
She opened it and read, "Don't worry. He's here."

 Zara sat at the table for the next hour as was the plan.
She found it hard to concentrate, her hands trembling as she held her books and tried to concentrate on  reading.
At the predesignated time, Zara gathered her books. She pulled her cloak  around her and shifted the books in her arms as she clutched them to her.

Trying to keep her voice from shaking, she called out, "Enough studying for tonight, Seamus. I'm heading home."
He looked up, trying to convey a silent look of support.
"Good night, Miss Zara. Pleasant dreams."
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Tristan Culley wiped his sweating palms on his breeches for the third time as he watched from a cramped table in a dark corner of the tavern. When would Zara finally get her nose out of that book and leave? He had been looking forward to this night. Sweet revenge on that little minx would at last be his! His emotions swung between giddiness about her impending fate and worry that something would happen to spoil it all.

He started to take another sip of his drink, only to discover his cup was empty once again. But as he raised his hand to get a the attention of a server, Zara rose from her table, collected her books, and walked out of the tavern. Tristan tried to contain his excitement as he stepped away from his own table and slipped outside through a rarely used narrow side door. Quickly and quietly, he made his way round the building and fell in behind Zara at a discreet distance.

She was taking her normal route home, one that would take her past some old warehouses. That was where he had recommended Cutler grab her. It would not be long now, and Tristan would get to see his plan unfold. He kept to the shadows and waited as Zara turned the corner. As he stepped into the lane to continue following her, two rough looking men stepped out of the shadows as well. And they weren't interested in Zara.

“Oi, where you off to, mate?” ask one.
“Enjoying the night air, same as you. Now, step aside,” ordered Tristan.
“Nah, don’t feel much like steppin’,” said the second man. The moonlight glittered off what appeared to be a large knife. “But I do feel like takin’.”
Tristan was growing angrier by the second, but fear of the sailor’s long knife was taking hold quickly. “I said, let me by. You don’t want the kind of trouble I can cause for you.”
“Half a mo’,” said the first man. “I seen your face before. You’re the gov’ner’s son, ain’t you?”
“Yes, and now that you’ve come to your senses, I’ll be going---”
Tristan’s words were cut short by the sound of a pistol cocking.
“Not till you’ve handed over your money, mate,” said the first.
“And maybe not even then, since you’re the gov’ner’s boy,” added the second.

Tristan listened to their words, and did what any half-drunk young man of privileged upbringing when confronted with a threat would do. He turned tail and ran for his life.

Once the young Culley had scrambled out of sight down the cobblestone lane, Davis and McGlynn burst out in laughter.
“We threw one hell of a scare into that brat, didn’t we?” chortled McGlynn.
“You almost scared me with that ‘knife’ of yours,” laughed Davis.
“What, this? Funny how a little shadow and moonlight can make an old steel bar play tricks on you, if you polish it enough!”
“Well, we’ve taken care of that pup,” Davis said. “We should catch up to Zara. She should almost be at the lane by now...”
As Zara walked past the end of the lane that led to the Wolfe estate, she heard a rustling behind her. She fought the urge to run. Suddenly she felt herself being grabbed from behind, a hand clamped over her mouth. The smell of leather filed her nose and a whisper as soft as a breeze, "It's me."
As planned, Zara struggled and lashed out with a kick
"Watch the aim, darlin'," Phillip dodged her kick. She struggled more." Good job, sweetheart. Keep it up," he said softly.
Another set of hands threw a hood over her. "McDowell here, Zara." he barely whispered in her ear.
Just before the hood went over her face, Phillip spun her around and their eyes met. He had on a hat pulled low and a kerchief covering the lower half of her face.
Their eyes met for a brief moment.In Zara's eyes, Phillip saw the heartbreaking mixture of fear and something else he didn't expect.
Total trust.
Suddenly she found a rope being tied around her arms, pinning them down to her side but gently tied.She did have room to move but to all intents and purposes, it looked like she was incapacitated. She felt herself being lifted and flung over the shoulders of a man.
He whispered, "Now go limp. Pretend you have fainted. Easier to carry you that way."
She let herself go as Phillip carried her towards the docks.

As she was being carried up the gangplank of El Lobo del Mar, she felt her head being bumped along the pouch and belt that Phillip had around his waist.
"Oof! Oof!  Oof!" punctuated each step.
"Sorry, Zara," he whispered.
"It's alright. I know we are almost there."
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He set her down on the deck and McDowell whipped the hood off her face. Her hair was tangled and her face was sweaty from the cloth enclosing her.
"Sorry about that, Zara," McDowell said as he sliced quickly through the ropes.
She rubbed her arm to get the circulation back. "That's alright, McDowell."
She looked around at a few of the faces she recognized. A minimal crew was on board until they sailed off. Less lips to report on the unorthodox cargo.
Zara took one look at Phillip's worried face mixed with a grin of relief and she felt herself laughing with relief.
"Did we pull it off? Did we really?"
He took a damp cloth and wiped the sweat off her face.
"We did. You are now a guest on El Lobo del Mar."
"A guest? This ship is my family. I know every creak, every heartbeat in this deck. Every snap of the sails is like a breath to me!"
All of a sudden, she burst into tears and fell into Phillip's arms. He held her close and stroked her hair.
" are safe now. McGlynn and Davis were left behind to watch for Tristan. They will make sure he won't get any closer than the end of the warehouse and he can't see the docks because of that copse of trees."
She buried her face in his waistcoat and her muffled reply, "I--I'm sorry. I feel like such a baby."
"Nonsense. Any other young lady would have started crying when they were in the tavern. Oh and by the way, nice kick you had there. You almost hit me where it counts and if that had happened, I would have fallen to my knees and Tristan would have wondered why you were showing concern over a man who tried to kidnap you. and my um......uh....well, we thank you kindly, Cookie!"
Zara burst out laughing. "You're welcome, Phillip."
McDowell tipped his hat. "Glad to have that over, Miss Zara. I must say it was a harrowing experience. Especially for me."
Zara broke from Phillip and gave McDowell a hug. "Thank you so much for being gentle. I didn't even break a fingernail!"
He grinned at her and said, "I'll let Phillip tuck you in then."
As he walked to his quarters, she turned to Phillip. "Are  you sure we pulled it off? No problems?"
"None that I can tell. I'll just breathe a bit easier when we clear the port. Now, let me show you to your quarters. When your dad redesigned the ship, he added an extra room attached to the captain's quarters. Your trunks and books are already there."
As he opened the door, a man was sitting on the chair in the corner.
"DA!" she shouted and ran into his arms.
Jack practically leaped off the chair and held her close. "Oh, thank God you are safe!"
"What are you doing here?"
"I couldn't stand it, waiting for word that you were safely on board the ship."
"You mean Mama insisted you come."
"It was a mutual decision. I had to see it with my own eyes that you were safe."
Jack felt his eyes start to well up but he willed himself to show his stiff English courage.
He held her at arm's length.
"And you are alright? The men weren't too rough?"
She shook her head. "No, Da. They were very gentle. It probably was the most gentle kidnapping in history!"
He walked over and opened a bottle of rum.
"And now I need this!"
She held out the glass that was on the table.
"I think I have earned my share."
He poured her a drink and laughed. "That you have, Miss Wolfe. That you have!"
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Zara stretched, then woke up with a start, momentarily wondering where she was. The creak of the ship reminded her that she had slept aboard El Lobo del Mar. She looked around her quarters. Small, cozy and elegantly appointed. There was a skylight above her and two windows by the side of the bed that opened to an ocean view. A small desk with a couple of chairs and an armoire in the corner. The brass bed was spacious and the coverlet was of down. A vase of flowers sat on the table.
'Probably from Da.'
She opened the note that was left propped up on the vase and read,

Welcome aboard, Cookie

She smiled and ran her finger over the words. 'So...familiar. So....intimate. He must have come in while I was asleep.  Good Lord, I hope I wasn't snoring!'

A soft rapping at the door.
"Zara? Are you awake?"
"Yes, Phillip."
"Are you decent?"
"Define 'decent'."
 A low chuckle on the other side of the door. "Are you dressed?"
She hastily slipped on her dressing gown, fluffing her hair, pinching her cheeks and biting her lips.
"I am now."

Phillip opened the door, carrying a tray. "Ah, good. You hungry? The cook sent this over to you. In celebration of your successful kidnapping."
She laughed and took the tray from him, sitting it on the table.
"Oooh! Scones and scrambled eggs!"
She looked at him and grinned.
"A rose? From the cook?"
Phillip's face had a slight blush.that Zara found endearing.
"Well....the rose is from me."
She took it and sniffed it appreciatively.
"Damask. My favorite.
 'I have seen roses damask'd, red and white. But no such roses see I in her cheeks. And in some perfumes is there more delight than in the breath that from my mistress reeks,' "
"You know the Bard well," Phillip said.
"Not personally. But someday I fully intend to go to the theatre."
"Some day, perhaps, I shall take you to the Globe Theatre in London."

She clapped her hands in glee.
"And I shall be on the arm of the most handsome pirate in the Caribbean!"
"Your father is taking you?"
She threw her pillow at him and he ducked.
"You know full well who I meant! So what do we do today?"
"Since you can't leave the ship and we don't sail till tomorrow, we have to stay on the starboard side of the ship since it faces the ocean. Just so there is no glimpse of you from the harbour. Now, eat your breakfast like a good little girl and then you have an hour to study. Then I shall take you to the upper deck for a picnic lunch. But for right now I have to attend to ship's duties. I shall come by for you around 11:30. then this evening,.your parents are coming by for a farewell dinner with you. Now get cracking on those books, young lady!"
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Zara rushed over, looking for something to wear. Her lessons were done. She held up several dresses before deciding on a light dress of sunshine yellow. Zara reached for her straw hat with the wide brim. Perfect for sitting on the upper deck even though her healthy tan complexion was contributed to her gene pool by her father. She blessed the fact that she never burned.

Picking up the pink rose, she casually placed it in her cleavage.
Running up the stairs, she kept repeating, 'starboard....starboard...starboard...must stay away from port side.....Hello, Jacob....Hi, Sam....'ola, Jose....I see that cut on your forehead healed nicely, Barth....'

Everyone smiled and answered Zara as she ran past. She never failed to acknowledge anyone from the navigator down to the cabin boy.
The one thing her parents had always taught her.
You are no better than someone else.

Zara climbed the steps to the upper deck. Carefully she tucked her hair under her hat until she was starboard side. She inhaled deeply the salt air and settled in to read her book. Zara had inherited her love of books and learning from her father. Jack made sure each of his children received an education with an interest in languages. Living in a port town, it was easy to pick up.

She glanced towards the port. A small wave of homesickness washed over her but she fought it.
'Four months out of a lifetime but the opportunity of a lifetime,' she thought and smiled.
There was a slight clearing of the throat behind her. There stood Phillip looking all dashing and handsome.
"A bit of a repast after all your studying, Miss Zara."
She picked up the basket he offered her.
"Chicken croquettes...fresh fruit....a slice of cherry pie....this didn't come from the cook. This came from Mrs. Avery."
He laughed. "Alright, so your mother had it sent over. But--" he reached behind him "--the merlot is from your father's wine rack that happens to be in my cabin."
She smiled demurely, "You really are a take-charge person, Captain Briggs!"
"Only the acting captain on this run. I rather like being my father's navigator. How goes the studying?"
"Very well. It seems I can study much better in the fresh sea air. That's why I used to go to the tavern. The smells and sounds help my concentration. I do seem to have a bit of trouble with the night sky. Trying to find certain stars, especially how they relate to navigation. But seeing that we are on the ocean, maybe it will be easier. If you are willing to show me how to find the North Star."
"Did you know the Latin word for that star is stella maris?"
"Yes. It means sea star. Funny....I knew a lass once named Stella Maris...."

Phillip got a faraway look in his eyes that for some reason made Zara a bit jealous. He cleared his throat.
"Yes...well...when we are out to sea we can go up some night and look at the stars.
It may be easier to visualize it."
"I've always been better at learning by doing than by reading about it."
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McRae looked to the upper deck as he coiled a rope.
"What do you make of that, Davis?"
Th sounds of feminine laughter drifted down.
Davis shrugged. "I've been sailing El Lobo even before Captain Wolfe married her mum. And Wolfe is very protective of what is his own. Phillip's no fool. He's known her since she was a wee lass. Almost like a sister to him, she is.
"Yeah, but you know what the acting captain is like. Kind of reminds me of Cade Jennings when it comes to women. Nary a skirt can walk by that doesn't catch his attention. Remember that time in Havana? That little Spanish senorita?"
"You mean the one with the father that came after Phillip with a machete?"
"That's the one. Phillip shoved a table between the two of them and the machete cleaved straight through, splitting that oak table in two. The force of the table when it flung back winded the old guy. By the time he caught his wind again, Phillip was running for the ship."
"Oh yeah..and then there was that mayor's wife in Martinique...."

"I don't know, he's taking an awfully big chance if he sets his sights on Mad Jack's daughter. Remember when Cade Jennings was bragging he bedded Jack's wife?"
"Naw, he never did. I mean, he's still alive, ain't  he?"
"Yeah, but Phillip sailed with Jennings at one time and whenever Jennings was in port, he and Phillip would meet and go out carousing."
"So what makes you sure it isn't true about Jennings and the Captain's wife?"
"Well, Cade bragged all over the ports but he's still alive.  I think Mad Jack would have killed him if the rumours were true."

"Well, Mad Jack would die for his wife but he'd kill for his daughter."
"Doesn't matter when nature takes its course. She's young, she's a beauty and he's teaching her about the moon and stars. Lots of time under the stars."
"But Phillip is no fool."
"You think the head and other parts listen to each other? I'm willing to give it a month."
"HA! Care to make a little wager on that one, McRae?"
"You honestly think she's gonna land in Virginia an innocent?"
"I'm betting that Phillip has the smarts to know when to keep his distance. He's known her since she was a baby."
"Well, that baby has grown up, laying the groundwork for a nice leap into womanhood. And I am betting that Phillip will be there with a net."
"You're crazy."
"Am I? You hear that?"

The sound of a young woman's light laughter and a man's low chuckle reached their ears.
"Remember when Phillip was in Virginia the last run? The vicar's daughter?"
They both broke into laughter.
Davis looked up towards the deck.
"Phillip's not stupid. He wouldn't."
"Well, that young lady has always been very determined. And if she is anything like her father, whatever she wants she will get."
"But Phillip is like a brother to Zara."

Two more crewman passed by and stopped
"Laying wagers on the inevitable?" one of them grinned.
"Aye," laughed MacRae.
"We're in."

At the end, bets were placed anywhere from two days to two week to two months with Davis alone being the holdout.
And in the end, he felt he lost the bet even before they left port.

The laughter and a chuckle gave it away.   
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Within the hour, the watch bell tolled.
"That's my cue to leave." He noticed the little furrowed brow on Zara's face.
"Ship's duties and all that. But your parents will be here around six for dinner. We sail at first light."
Zara sighed, "If you must leave, I will amuse myself with a book."
"Anything interesting?"
She held up a book. "Ancient Civilizations and How They Fell. Da insists we balance a book for enjoyment with a book to broaden our minds."
"Then I will see you later."
"Prynhawn da."
She grinned. "Welsh for 'good afternoon'--courtesy of Mama. She doesn't want to lose the native tongue. I hear quite a few terms of endearment that she uses with Da. Not hard to figure it out."

Zara spent the afternoon on the starboard side of the ship. A little sunning, a little reading, a nap in between. Then to get ready for her parents's arrival so she headed back to her cabin.
Suddenly the door creaked open and a cat watched her balefully.
"Well, hello! And who might you be?"
"That might be Homer. Since he goes everywhere with us but never seems to make it to a home." Phillip was leaning on the doorpost.
"Wasn't Ulysses the beleaguered traveler?"
"Miss Wolfe, you are too smart for your own good!"
She hung up the last dress she was unpacking, putting the final touches on making the room her own.
"Well, Da made us read all the classics. He loved the Odyssey. And where did Homer come from?"
"We picked him up in Castara. Skinny as can be and living on scraps."
Homer landed on the bed and Zara plopped down next to him, scratching him under the chin.
"He's adorable."
"Adorable? A ship's cat?" Phillip laughed. "A mouser is what he is!"
She petted him behind the ears.
"Well, he's welcome here anytime. Aren't you, Homer?"


As Zara was putting the final touches on making the room her own, a knock was on her door.
"Zara, your parents are here."
"I'll be right out."
. Honour and Jack were reminiscing about the cabin enjoying a glass of wine.

"...and there was Honour shouting at me to get out. When I landed in the companionway, there was your father with that damnable smirk on his face. Telling me he didn't think he would survive my lessons on how to handle women."
Honour piped up with, "He managed all right. After all, he won Renee's heart. There you are, darling!"
"Mama!" Zara ran to her mother's outstretched arms.
"Oh, darling! Your father said you were safe and sound but I just had to be sure for myself."
"It was so scary---and exciting! Phillip was so gentle, so...wonderful!"
Honour squeezed her hand. "I had to see for myself that you came through the kidnapping unscathed."
She held Zara's hand up. "And you didn't even break a fingernail!"
Zara laughed. "Phillip was the gentlest kidnapper that ever napped me!"

Jack glanced over at Phillip who stood there with a grin on his face.
'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea,' he thought. But he had no choice but to trust Phillip.
Phillip caught the look that Jack gave him and immediately put on a sober face.
"I was just relieved when we pulled it off without a hitch and got her onto the ship."

Honour and Zara by then had moved over to the armoire and Zara was pulling out dresses.
They then launched into a discussion about boots and clothes.
"And when you are there, you need to see about the cottons, Zara. I know it will seem like a primitive place but...."

Jack said in a low voice, "The cur paid you?"
"Fifty reales and fifty English pounds sterling. I collected it from Seamus just before the kidnapping."
"Be sure to buy my little girl something special."

Phillip motioned Jack out into the small alcove and took out the sword.
"I lifted this off him. I figured it would be the skin of a leopard--a trophy--for Zara.
Jack hefted the sword and ran his thumb down the blade.
"Nice. Toledo steel. Dumb arse doesn't keep it sharp though. I am betting it hasn't seen any action. Pretty much for show and swagger."
"Got something else, too."
He pulled out the cloak and Jack laughed.
"You really did humiliate him!"
"It's a beautiful cloak. I thought Zara would look pretty in it. I'll give it to her when we are out to sea."

There was a knock on the door.
The cook brought in roasted pork with apples, complete with side dishes and tarts for dessert. Jack brought out several bottles of port wine. The small talk continued until Jack scooted his chair back.
"Darling, I think we had better get going. Phillip has to be up at the crack of dawn to get the ship set to sail at first tide."
Honour nodded. "I have to get back to the baby. I am trying so hard not to cry!"
She hugged Zara tightly.
"Remember all we talked about. I am trusting you to be on your best behaviour. Both aboard the ship and in Virginia."
"I shall, Mama. It will be fun to see Uncle Will. He promised to have a party in my honour and introduce me to Virginia society."
Jack laughed, "As much fun as you can have with the Puritans."
"Jack Wolfe, don't forget your definition of 'fun' concerns your daughter."

Jack privately motioned Phillip aside.
"Everything is set," Jack said quietly.
"You sure you want me to do this?"
"The best wine and rum are laid in. I need you to make sure she hasn't run the place to the ground. I still own it, you know. Despite what she thinks."
"Alright, Jack. We will head out there."
"One thing--"
"Keep Zara on board. Leave her with Davis. You will only be there the one afternoon."
"What if she won't stay?"
"Lock her in her room if you have to. If Honour catches wind of it, I won't be using a certain part of my anatomy for a long time."
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The next morning.....

Zara leaned on the rail of El Lobo del Mar as it pulled away from Bridgetown. She inhaled deeply the salt air as she watched the port get smaller.
"Always sad to leave our family behind," a voice next to her said. "And you are up early."

"My father was always on deck to see the ship leave port. It's the least I can do to carry on the tradition."
"I hate to leave the family, especially Mama and Da. The baby will probably be trying to crawl by the time I get back. What about you? Are you sad to leave your loved ones behind?"
"I always miss my father and Renee is the mother I never had."
He hesitated. "And I always use this time to think. Clears my mind."
She looked back at the port.
"Somewhere....somewhere out there he is. Going about his daily life. Turning MY life upside down and thinking he got away with his plans."
"Did he, Zara? Turn your life upside down?"
"Nonsense! I am going on an adventure. And he will get what is coming to him. Da will see to that. I wonder what Da will do."
"Your father never did tell me. But I am sure the punishment will fit the intended crime. Not only to get revenge on what he was going to do to you but because he made Honour sad."

Zara reached over by the binnacle and came back with a bottle of wine.
"Will you do the honours?"
Phillip grinned and uncorked it.
Zara then poured the bottle over the side and then threw several flowers into the water.
Phillip laughed. "Carrying on the family tradition, Cookie?"

She smiled. "Da always said to give a lady rum--or in this case, wine--and flowers when you leave and she will always welcome you back when you return."
"It's a nice tradition."
"From what I can deduce, Da sure knew the way to a woman's heart. And more."
Phillip gave an embarrassed laugh.
"Don't go all shy on me, Phillip Briggs. My family didn't get so large by talking about it."
Zara watched as the petals swirled around before they were taken under.
She turned to Phillip.
"Now Bridgetown will welcome us back!"

She lifted her face to the early morning sun.
"So how many days till we get to Virginia?"
"If we hit the Gulfstream just right, I would say in about three and a half weeks. We have to  make a couple stops along the way though. One to Tortuga for supplies and one to Castara to drop off some goods."
"How exciting! I've always wanted to see Castara!"
"Hold on there, Cookie. You are staying on board. I only have to stay in Castara one afternoon. I will be back in the evening."
"So why can't I go?"
"There is no necessity for that. Nothing to see and it will be all business."
"So can I at least go into Tortuga with you?"
"Oh, please, Phillip! I'll be good. I've never seen Tortuga and I would love to do a bit of shopping myself. Maybe a new hat for Virginia?"
"We'll see. I suppose Tortuga would be safer than Castara anyways."
"So how long before we get to Castara?"
"Sometime tomorrow. We have a good wind and frankly, I want to drop the cargo and get the trip to Virginia underway."

"What are your plans for the day, Phillip?"
"I'll be occupied with making sure everything is set for smooth sailing to Castara. And you, young lady, should start on your studies."
"You are surely a harsh taskmaster, Captain Briggs."
"The more you study, the more time you will have for fun in Virginia."
"If I study hard, will you take me to Tortuga?"
"It's not a nice place for a young lady, Zara."
"Oh, please? Pretty please? I will be good!"
"As long as you don't mention it to your father, it is a possibility."
"Wonderful! I promise by the time I finish my astronomy book, I can tell you a thing or two about navigation!"
"I don't doubt it. I am afraid you will have to dine alone tonight as I have to eat with the crew and discuss matters."
"We'll see about that!"

In the end, Zara didn't dine alone and Phillip did dine with the crew.
And the crew loved her company.
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Mid-morning the next day.....

Phillip flung his leg over the side of the longboat.
"Wait! I'm ready!"
He turned and there stood Zara. She was dressed in snug-fitting breeches, a white silk shirt and boots to die for. A cavalier hat with feathers was perched jauntily on her head.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm ready at last. At least I think I am. Will I need to bring anything?"
"Zara, this is not a pleasure stop. It is strictly business."
"Well, then, we had best not tarry, wouldn't you agree?"

A low chuckle came from the longboat. Phillip looked over and glared.
"Cookie, this isn't a place for you. Now you be a good little girl and stay up here with the rest of the crew. I'll be back in a few hours."
"If it is only a few hours, then it won't matter if I stay or if I go."
"It will to your father."
"I want to see the palmetto that Mama massacred."
More laughter from the longboat.
"This isn't fair. You are putting me in an awkward position."
"How so?"
"Heeding your father's advice or having a hard time saying no to you."
"Kind of like a devil whispering in one ear and an angel in the other?"
"Come on, Zara. Why don't you go study and I will bring you back something nice."
 "Like a coconut?"
"You have to do better than that."
Full blown laughter from the longboat.
"You two shut it down there!"

She brushed past him and headed towards the side of the ship.
He walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulders.
"Cookie....oh hell! When you look at me like that, wearing that hat, how can I say no?"
She tip-toed up and kissed his cheek.
"You can't!"

Zara sat close to Phillip in the longboat. He smiled as he gazed over the land in view. He found that he actually liked having her around. She was amusing company and on a par level with him as regards conversation and interests.
Zara was interested in everything.

"Why aren't we taking El Lobo to the docks?" she asked.
"Because I am not sure what shape the docks are in. They were in a state of disrepair last time I was here and with the storms that have come up, if they are not kept up, they are not safe."
"Phillip....who is Bonita?"
"Where did you hear that name?"
"I've heard Mama and Da talk. Mama always gets upset. Da tries to calm her down and they always shut up when I enter the room. So....who is she?"
Phillip sighed. "I had a feeling I should have listened to my better sense and left you on the ship."
"Nonsense!" She tucked her hand in his arm.
"So tell me the story."
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Phillip sighed.
"I shouldn't be telling you this......."
"Phillip, forewarned is forearmed. Now tell me about this mysterious woman."

"Her name is Bonita le Mystere but no one knows her real name. She is an Obeah priestess and has the uncanny ability to predict and foresee things."
"Like a fortune teller?"
"More like a prophetess."
"Do you think that she can predict my future?"
"I daresay she will look at you and know who you are."
"Because she can foresee things?"
"No, because you look like your mother except for the dark hair. That, my dear, is your father's contribution."
He continued, "There are stories about her ability to predict where ships are and what their cargo is and when to strike. There is also talk that she and your father had some sort of alliance. He loved the fortune and she loved the power she had over him."

"I'm sure Da made his fortune on his own."
"Oh, I am sure too. But let's just say that heeding her advice didn't hurt."
"What does she look like?"
"Tall and lithe. Very striking. Not what you would call beautiful but she has a regal bearing. Very mesmerizing eyes. And she wears her hair in dreadlocks."
"She sounds....spooky."
"And then there is always Drusilla."

"Drusilla? What an unusual name!"
"Unusual is the least of it. Drusilla is a bit off-base."
"Like not right in the head?"
"No, she's right but let's say the world walks one way and Drusilla may walk a bit on the edge. You have to experience Drusilla."
"And what does she look like?"
"Thin--almost to the point of skinny and small-framed. She's Bonita's cousin. And she has this wild hair along with a red ribbon. Supposed to be in a bow but more often not.  Sometimes the ribbon has seen better days. But she is harmless."
"Is Bonita harmless?"
"I'm not sure. But then I have never given her any reason to treat me otherwise. Your mother won't set foot in Castara."
"I would think that Mama would want to go back to where she and Da spent their honeymoon."
"Well, once upon a time there was an altercation. I'm not sure of the details but I heard Bonita accused your mother of some things. Your mama finally got fed up and cold-cocked her. She knocked Bonita out."
"No! Mother?"
Phillip chuckled. "I heard once that your father spent too much time on his brother's ship and instead of coming right back, they had their own reunion. Bottle after bottle. When he finally came back, drunken brother--the Admiral--in tow, your mother handed you to my father, punched your father on the jaw and then calmly took you out of Father's arms and walked off as if nothing had happened. Your father saw stars for a few minutes."

Phillip sighed.
"As I said, I shouldn't have told you all this. Don't tell your father."
She sat closer to him and whispered, "Phillip, I have a feeling there is going to be alot we don't tell my father!"
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Zara stepped lightly off the johnboat, her feathers grazing her cheek. She reached up and adjusted her hat.
Phillip started to laugh.
"What's so funny?"
"Nothing, really. Just the way you adjusted the feathers and your hat. Like your mother does."
Zara stood there with her hands on her hips.
"Who do you thought taught me the fine art of accessorizing? So show me the way, sailor boy!" He offered her his arm. Gently she tucked her hand. He led her down a lane near the waterfront. As they turned the corner, a sign blew in the breeze.

Le Loup

"The Wolf?"
He nodded. "The one and only. Your father won this in a game of chance."
"Was it always called this?"
"N, must have been something else."
"An did he win the voodoo woman in the bargain too?"
Phillip shook his head. "I never did hear how he met Bonita. For all I know, she came with the place."
He held the door open for her as they entered the dark tavern.

Zara and Phillip entered the darkened tavern.
"I can't see, Phillip."
All of a sudden, a face popped up from behind the counter.
Zara screamed and both she and Phillip jumped back.
A woman with dreadlocks sprouting every which way bound up in a tattered green ribbon. She was very thin with a comical face that you couldn't help smile at. Her dress was a colourful green and yellow print.
Phillip broke out in a grin as Zara continued to back up.
"Oh, my my! De son of de handsome Briggs!  How you be and why you take so long to visit Drusilla?"
"Oh, we've been busy. We've been running up to the colonies but Jack wanted me to bring you some rum. Twenty four cases of it. He's been starting a distillery and wants to see how the rum will go over. And who might that be?"
He nodded to the corner.
"Dat might be Pedro.  Some of de pirates couldn't pay so dey give me a parrot. He got bad language."

Phillip walked over to pet the bird and was greeted by a volley of expletives.
Drusilla shook her head.
"Bonita threaten to break Pedro's beak if him not shut up. Bad, bad bird!"
Zara looked quizzically over at Phillip.
Phillip hastily made introductions.
"I'm sorry, where are my manners? Zara, I would like to introduce Miss Drusilla to you.
Zara reached out her hand but Drusilla bent into a curtsey.
"Ooof! Cant' get up! Mr. Phillip, if him please?"

Phillip chuckled as he reached over to hoist Drusilla to a standing position.
"Whoa! Sometimes de knees lock! And such a pretty girl! You two be in love?"

Zara quickly glanced at Phillip as his face turned red.
"We've been friends for years, Drusilla. I do believe you know her father. He is----"
"De great Jack Wolfe," said a voice from the darkness of the tavern.
Slowly stepping out of the darkness came a woman much like Drusilla but classier. Her gait was measured as she strode into the room.
She stood before Zara and fixed her with a stare.

"Well, de handsome Phillip Briggs show up wit' a lady."
"Bonita, I would like to formally introduce you to---"
"I know who dat is. Dat be de daughter of dat good for no'ting JackWolfe and dat golden haired child he married."
Zara's eyes went wide. "How do  you know?"
"Bonita know many t'ings. De bones tell me you be here wit'in a fortnight. Dat and de fact dat golden-haired child has her face stamped on yours. 'Cept de hair be Jack Wolfe's."
She picked up Zara's curl and let it drop.
"You a pretty girl."
She turned to Phillip.
"You take her yet?"
Phillip felt his face turn red.
"Certainly not."
Bonita smiled knowingly. "Give it time."

Drusilla piped up with, "See, Bonita? Curse DO have a time limit!"
She turned on Drusilla. "You hush you mouth or I strangle you wit' dat ribbon."
"Huh! Like you did wit' de red one?"
She turned to Phillip and Zara. "I got lots of dem ribbons. Dis one matches my Monday dress. I call it my Monday dress because--"
"You wear it on Monday?"
"But it's Friday, Drusilla."
Drusilla thought for a minute and shrugged. "It be Monday somewhere."
Phillip whispered to Zara, "Don't. It makes sense to her."
Show me your tan lines..and I'll show you mine!

I just want to be Layla.....


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