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Lost my pipe at the MN Fest

Started by winterland, October 02, 2011, 09:00:40 PM

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Ok so I wasn't thinking and was carrying my pipe with the bowl end sticking out of my leather pouch. Should have been the stem sticking out and then it can't fall out. My fault. I had a few pints of mead.
I was so bummed, I was just getting ready to light it when I saw it was gone.
I lost it Saturday about 5pm. I backtracked as soon as I realized it and it was no where to be found. Someone must have picked it up.
I checked with the information booth and they actually had a pipe. They said it was broken, so I was prepared for a broken pipe but then it wasn't mine.
I was told to call the MN fest office Monday.
I hope someone does the right thing and turns it in. 
Here is the missing pipe.