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Camper Builder in Abilene TX
« on: December 03, 2011, 06:11:50 PM »
This camper should be one of the few that would qualify to get into the gates of almost all the RenFest due to the short length as its under 12 ft in length overall.

Lots of changes to product lineup and current upper tier model is on display in abilene Monday thru Fridays at S Willis and S 15th street shell station.  Have 3 models now based on cabin size and a toy hauler version as well. Currently building out a 4x8 small version and will have pics up soon as it is finished within the week.

Company Website and lots of pics on Facebook Page and
YouTube Walkthru Video

I'm the owner of this company and I appreciate the referral placed previously in this forum. I would like to give some of our features to you that might help you decide if our product meets your needs or not. We are a kinda spinoff from the teardrop model but with some changes that I added to address the shortcomings of the teardrop layout for what I like.

We include a tent with every camper that attaches to one of the doors to provide an area for dressing, social area, or additional bedroom. With door left open the tent can be air conditioned as well as the camper due to the overkill size of the unit we use for cooling and heating. There are switched external gfci outlets to power lights in the tent and can be killed at bedtime within the cabin right along with killing the internal LED lighting.

The things different than a teardrop are the squared backend which affords for a much roomier cabin and no claustrophobic tendencies at all as well as a nice large fridge in the galley area to keep a lot of stuff cold when out there many days at a time roughing it Wink and a lot of storage space underneath the complete cabin and is a 5' x 8' area 12" deep that is divided into 3 separate locked concealed areas that are completely trimmed in diamond plate.

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Re: Camper Builder in Abilene TX
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2012, 01:55:58 AM »
Was looking at your web site and Facebook page, and had a couple of questions:

What is the weight difference between the "4 x 8 No Storage No Galley Rear Door" and the "4 x 8 With Storage No Galley Rear Door" models?

For the models that have "No Galley Rear Door" in their Description, does that mean the Galley is accessed from the inside, rather than through a door on the exterior?

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