Author Topic: Guess what? Mayfaire on the Green II, still free admission, growing!  (Read 1072 times)

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Our little renfaires are growing a bit. We have Adamo Ignis from PARF and NJRF: basically the fire eaters who take full advantage of lookism(!) also Eyes of Isis, Morgan Eagle Falconry, DRAGONHIR, and of course Dread Brad's Pirate Hoard, The Merely Players of Upstante NY, Mermaids, weavers, spinners, weavers and more. Some cool exciting new vendors. For those of you who enjoy irony (and a train ride!) Adirondack Railroad is bringing people on the Sunday the 13th again. Remember to love our sponsors, who make this free!
Can't wait for Sterling, but I will at least have a little fun in the meantime.

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I've been told that the Adirondack Scenic Railway won't be running to the festival this year, due to lack of interest unfortunately.  :(

That said, M'Lord and & will be in attendance Sunday. We had such a lovely time last year, despite the rain, and are excited to see what's new this year!  ;D
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