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Started by kcdcchef, June 21, 2012, 06:51:58 PM

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kcdcchef broken!!! Tried going to the faire's webpage to see if they have any new info about the new and upcoming season ( since it's like 7 weeks away and all ) and there was a new website that's all in Chinese or some simliar Asian language. Interesting! Doing this for anyone else?


Try using that old domain has not worked in years. Still no idea why it is now a Japanese credit site.  The domain probably expired back when the fair was sold and somebody swooped in and bought it hoping to sell it back for a nice profit.

I'm a web developer and lots of people end up losing their domain name because the person that originally registered the domain no longer works there and they no longer have the registrar login info or can't access the email used for the registrar.

No theme weekend info on the site yet  >:(  last year they didn't release that info til the second week of July so we probably have a few more weeks. I was going to pm doc about it but I figured if they had the Info it would be on the website.


for some reason pgh-renfest is still on their FB page. Weird.


That is weird - I dont have facebook but you may want to toss them a message and let them know their URL is busted.


I told them via message that on FB their webpage is listed as the wrong faulty one.