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Discount Tickets?

Started by annarundel, July 22, 2012, 06:01:59 PM

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Traveling to Minnesota from Tennessee for the Fair and was wondering if anyone can help me with discount tickets?  Know of any stores running specials ie like if you buy your tickets from a certain store they will give you a discount etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



You can buy discount at various stores in MN.

The link is the MNRF web page with a list of all the stores you can buy discount tickets at.  Hope that helps  ;D
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The Star Tribune Steals had an offer last year, two for one. Not sure if they're doing it this year but it's worth a try to sign up!
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Depending on the weekend(s) your are planning on attending there are various promotions that occur.  Check out the link and find the info for the weekend you plan to attend.

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I don't know about discount tickets, but do want to welcome you to the festival and let you know that you can bring you dog(s) with you. Please come and say howdy and mention this forum and we'll make sure to give you a discount.  :)
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I just checked the StarTribune offer and even though it says that it runs until midnight, it is listed as SOLD OUT at 3000 sold.  >:(