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2013 faire

Started by RedHatQueen, September 12, 2012, 05:58:23 PM

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has anyone purchased their 2013 tickets?
I ordered mine... hope to see you all there and many new faces as well
Red Hat Ren Queen a.k.a Mari


The Duchess and I are tentatively planning our (more or less) annual pilgrimage to Fairhaven during the President's Day weekend.  We look very much forward to our visits to your beautiful shire and your most welcoming cast and playtrons.  At present, airfare from Denver to Phoenix is prohibitive, but we remain hopeful that it will come down as things progress.
Just call me "Your Grace"


I have not paid for tickets for the last 18 years-
I wonder if I should

Capt Gabriela Fullpepper

My Lord Toki and I are planning a trip back out again... BUT it will not be over this thing called Pres-i-dents holiday. Thy co-worker's birthday is that weekend and she had planned a long vacation back in Oct that got canceled and she moved it to her Birthday which happens to be that week. SO sadly it will not happen until March if we get to go. A lot depends on my lords mineral mines. But we are hoping
"The Metal Maiden"
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I hope to see you all there...counting the days

Now CR... how do you get away with not buying tickets (lol)

Red Hat Ren Queen a.k.a Mari

Amara Deegan

I have obtained my season pass and will be visiting every Saturday escorting Red Hat Queen!

However, I will not be present March 8-10 as that is the weekend of the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention II (WWWCII) at Old Tucson Studios. I am the Navigartix (co-organizer) for the Tucson Steampunk Society (TSS) and we are working on conjunction with the Arizona Steampunk Society (AZSPS) based in Phoenix to help them make it a smashing good time!

...Would you just look at all those acronyms!


Airfare is now booked, so the Duchess and I will definitely be starting the 2013 season at Fairhaven!  Can't wait to get back in garb!!
Just call me "Your Grace"


BTW looking forward to seeing all again-
imho life is good
nma   _need more acronyms



Counting the Days...Amara and I just visited and discussed next week...
Red Hat Ren Queen a.k.a Mari