Author Topic: Major Date & Minor Location Change For Great Bend, Kansas Renfaire This Year  (Read 1637 times)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I would like to thank all of you who visit  I hope that the info provided there helps you get your Renfaire “fix” and opens doors to new events and performers across the fruited plains.  There are many exciting things going on in and around Oklahoma at Renaissance Festivals this year!  You can see some of them in my post in the South > Smaller Southern Faires for them.

As far as faires in the Midwest, Kansas' Great Bend Renaissance Faire will be moving in two ways.  It is relocating from the outskirts of town to a park in downtown Great Bend that has a stage and seating.  This faire will also be moving from the heat of the summer to the cooler climate of late September.  Updates can be found at and at

Rumor had it that the Caledonia Celtic Faire may return to Hutchinson, Kansas as well but I haven't seen anything in Facebook yet.  I'll keep checking.

I hope that you can attend these events as well as many more this year.  If you have information on other Renaissance, Medieval, Celtic, Scottish or Irish Festivals, please let me know.
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