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Pirate Music

Started by Jade, October 08, 2013, 01:40:36 PM

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 As I'm still planning my  Pirate murder mystery I have another question.  Did anyone have any favorite pirate  albums?  I have the POTC  soundtracks,  but I  would love  sea shanties,  jigs,  and  drunken  revelry. 


3 Pints Gone has an album "There is a Ship" that is a compilation of a lot of their sea songs.  I kinda like it.

Sir Stout

I absolutely love The Dread Crew of Oddwood.  I've got the albums Rocktopus and Heavy Mahogany - it's very much a modern rock twist to the traditional piratey feel, but it's all acoustic instruments and these guys are amazing musicians.  Please note that a fair bit of their stuff is quite NC-17, though!
I'm the kind of guy who needs to have a game plan.  Unfortunately, I'm also the kind of guy who never has a game plan.

Sir Stout

Oo!  I don't know as much about Capt'n Black's Sea Dogs (anymore), but this may fit the bill well!
I'm the kind of guy who needs to have a game plan.  Unfortunately, I'm also the kind of guy who never has a game plan.


Musical Blades is awesome and funny. Some of the songs are a little naughty. Thier newest CD, Up The Ante, is amazing.
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 Thanks  for  the selections!  I don't mind a little naughty humor,  and the only person coming Edo might is a light weight,  so a couple drinks of punch and she'll think its hilarious.


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 The  brigands  are on my list, but I'll have to check the others out too!  Thanks!


Alestorm is worth a listen to any pirate or metal fan. I only have the album Back Through Time, but they've released like seven CDs.

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Rambling Sailors - yes!  Susan's voice is as pure sounding as a bell.  Also Bounding Main.  Acapella and magnificent.
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Check out the Musical Blades.
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The murder mystery party is long past, but I'm loving the new suggestions!


A little shameless self promotion, my band Off Keel is Celtic/Pirate Music. We are beginning work on our Third CD Happy Hour which will have a lot more Celtic tunes, but we will also be writing commercials as we are treating this CD like a radio show...