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Website Updates!

Started by SLRF Ent Director, February 09, 2009, 12:11:06 PM

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SLRF Ent Director

Just to squash any rumors, Silver Leaf is alive and well.  We're currently negotiating all entertainment contracts and will soon have our entertainment page on our website updated.  If you have questions or concerns, send them

BTW, if you haven't seen the new website, you should!  It's beautiful!  There are a few pages that are being worked on so make sure you check everything out first!  The photo gallery should be up by the end of the week.  If you have pictures you'd like us to consider adding, make sure and email them to

Captain Cornelius Howard Duckman

Why is the volunteer page in Latin?


I think anything still not set in stone is in latin noticed it on the vendors and entertainers list also
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Rivet'n Penny

L Dale Walter

>Why is the volunteer page in Latin?

In an effort to be more historically accurate, this year everyone at SLRF will be speaking Latin.  Therefore, the page is in Latin as well, thus attracting all of the Latin speakers.


Actually it is in process, as others speculated.

SLRF Productions

SLRF Ent Director

The page is in process.  If you want more information on volunteering, you can always send emails to our Community Relations Person, Samantha Duke at  OR you can join the Silver Leaf Volunteer Yahoo page.

I know that Sam is writing a blurb for the page and the volunteer apps will be up soon!

SLRF Ent Director

Okay!  So, I think the glitches with the latin are all worked out.  YEAH!!

There is new information on the Volunteer page including how to be a volunteer and how to find out information.

Vendor information will be updated soon, but if you are interested, you can also get a vendor application on the website.

Entertainment is updated also.  Make sure to check back frequently and see what is new.