Author Topic: Seeking vendor for high quality aluminum kids swords for Renaissance Festivals  (Read 1941 times)

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Hi, I hope it's kosher to post something like this here.  I'm a professional knifemaker who decided this last Christmas to put together some aluminum swords to sell as Christmas presents for kids--an alternative to cheap wooden swords or the all-too-well-known foam battle gear that Walmart thrives on.  I wanted to make a solid, real-looking "toy" weapon that would be tough enough to clash around with your buddies and not be dangerous.  I've made them so that there are no sharp edges or points on the metal.  The aluminum is all 1/8" 6061-6T tempered aluminum.  Strong, able to flex but not break easily, with epoxied tang design.  The handles are stained oak with an aluminum spacer and wood ball screwed into the pommel.  My own kids have abused some of these pretty good, and they've all held up fine.

The best part is, they take a mirror polish and look like the real thing.  I sold them out faster than I could make them.  I want to mass produce them (the cutting) and still hand-assemble and finish the swords.  I'm looking for a vendor who would be interested in taking a lot of 100 or so at around $25 each to resell at Renaissance Festivals and the like.  I don't frequent those myself, which is why I'm looking for someone who is already in the business.

I also made a few daggers, and can design and build virtually anything of any size.  The swords have an 18" blade, just right for a child 5 to 12 years old.  With my knifemaking background and access to a laser cutter and materials, I could make a convenient source of custom weapons for vendors who sell weapons like this.  I could even have them laser etched with your trademark at production time.  I'm also interested in going into full-sized weapons for stage props and simulated battles.

Any interested parties, please contact Mark at  Here are some pictures:


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I'm afraid your images won't post here unless they are direct links, and using the [img ][ /img] insertion code. 
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Yeah, what Rani said.  In addition, your best bet would be to contact some of the wood sword companies to see if they want to sell them . . . frankly I think they may be more dangerous to sell to kids (to other people, not necessarily to the kids themselves) than the wood ones. 


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