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Save old crafts - project
« on: February 14, 2014, 07:50:33 AM »

I have small request. I`m responsible for project “Save old crafts” mostly intended to people related with historical reenactment but not only. This project is like first step on the road to restore people awareness of historical handcraft. I`m absolutely sure that everybody related to reenactment knows it. But…problem is that old crafters are getting old and new crafters learning everything from scraps and experiments. And slowly it`s start to running out of teachers. I want to at least delay that sad process. Of course in boundaries of my possibilities. Project with I start is only first step in this process but it`s important for me.
So if you think that is worth to support – I will be glad for every form of support (by refer it, publishing it on your profile on FB, sharing or donation). If you don`t like it – please tell me why. For me it will be also very important knowledge.


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