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Closing weekend

Started by Sir Ironhead, September 01, 2014, 10:30:51 PM

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Sir Ironhead

Saturday was rather nice.  Humid enough to just let you know that it was still summer but there was a nice, constant breeze the helped out a lot.
Sunday, WOW was it ever hot and HUMID.  Gills would have been useful to breathe with.  And the faire was PACKED.  Wall to wall people.  There was a rumor that they closed the faire because it had reached a supposed max capacity of 20000 people.  Some people said it took anywhere from 1 to 3 hours just to get in the gate.  And good luck getting anything to eat or drink, didn't see a line less than an hour long anywhere.
It rained for about 30 minutes right the gate opened Monday but a steady breeze helped mitigate the humidity.

Did I have fun?  Let's see... 
I was at faire, check
I spent too much money, check
I got to spend 3 whole days at faire, DOUBLE check

Yeah, I had fun
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I must have come at just the right time - hit Russell Road from the south at about 11:30, got in the front door at noon.

I think what happened was, if you listened to the weather reports you would have thought the Ark was going to float by on Saturday.. they were really scaring people away on Saturday.  So more people came on Sunday. 
I must say that I have NEVER seen it as crowded as on Sunday.  I think that coupled with the holiday weekend and the weather scare for Saturday, and a lot of people who wanted to get in one last time for the season, it was a perfect storm.

It didn't even thin out around 4:00 like I feel that it usually does.
I must say that one good thing about it was I didn't eat or drink as much as usual, the lines were just too long.  EVERYWHERE, the lines would just worm halfway (or further) out into the streets.. was hard to get around.  Even for one who knows his way around like the back of my hand, I was late to several shows by five minutes.


My daughter went Sunday, and was almost having anxiety attacks because of the crowds. She'd never seen it that crowded. I went Monday, and it was glorious. I, too, come from the south, and we drove through two downpours on the way, but it never rained at faire, and the weather was about as perfect as could be. I hardly spend anything once inside anyway, but the lines were very manageable and everyone was cheerful and polite, staff and visitors. I noticed on a friend's FB timeline that someone's already started the countdown 'til next year ;)