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Looking to help out at Pittsburgh Ren

Started by Whiskey Priest, August 15, 2015, 08:39:39 AM

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Whiskey Priest

Greetings all, I am actually making this post for my wife Bethany. She was a rose girl about 10 years ago before we got married and has decided she wants to be a part of something she loved from when she was younger. If anyone would like an extra person to help set up and help watch their booth during the day, I think Bethany would be a great addition. Her moral integrity is without question, which is important when handling money (Not to mention the security clearances I need for my job would never allow that even from her). She will also have our 9 month old daughter with her, which in the right booth a friendly waving baby may bring in a few extra customers. She wants to do this more for the experience and not the money, she really just wants compensated enough to cover gas and a few bucks for fun money when up there. Don't have money be the reason for not contacting, if it's a good fit I'm sure we can work something out.

or feel free to contact me Brandon