Author Topic: A wish (Lament?) For Pants That Work aka "Man....what?"  (Read 873 times)

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A wish (Lament?) For Pants That Work aka "Man....what?"
« on: April 13, 2017, 01:22:39 AM »
After other substitutes, my first garb breeches were 'wrap pants' and despite liking aspects of them enough that I wore them a few years and even bought a second pair. Eventually I realized their major failing was a MAJOR issue at faire...and that is letting go of the ale taken in during the day. Ahem.

I moved on to a number of small businesses online offering simple, straight-forward knee-breeches with drawstring tie waists and one or two near-fitted breeches with button clasps and flys.'s the thing. As much as I'd love the two former, they cannot and do not work.
Which is really weird.
Every day in the real world I wear denim or cotton cargo/khaki-type pants with a button closure. Perfectly comfy sitting or standing. All day. Everything. Work. Play. Sitting about. Everything.

But, wearing a button-closure or draw-string pair of ren fest garb breeches 100% of the time results in:
Perfectly comfy when sitting but falling off when standing or perfectly comfy when standing but guillotine-style cutting one's middle in half while sitting.

Which has eventually and inevitably led me to: elastic waistbands.
Still leaving a 'wrinkled' watch-band-like feeling and impression on my flesh. Also doesn't give one full confidence in them keeping up under the weight of a full sword belt, etc.


I can wear slightly stiffer stuff (jeans, cargo pants) or elastic type stuff (lounge/PJ pants) in the mundane world every day for hours and hours with a .40 caliber pistol on my hip and yet the ren fest garb analogs (and weapon + accesories) seem to kill my comfort.

What's going on?!?

Is there anything for men in breeches that is/can be as comfy, as sturdy, as really and truly tough and wearable (especially in a climate/time-of-year as GARF)?

The closest I've come since I first set out to garb myself back in 1991, are the gauzy cotton long breeches I bought ten years ago (and still wear each time at GARF since) from Heart's Delight for 60 bucks...but now they want $80 for them. I'd like to say it's worth it since the (then) 60 buck pair are still going strong, shy of a hundred dollars for an otherwise comfy pair of breeches that I have to spend a few minutes of getting ready tucking and tucking and tucking and trying again and tucking and then starting over and tucking yet again into knee-high boots...UGH! LOL!

Part of me wishes that Wrangler made cotton knee breeches...and that's nutty!

Anyone have any miracles they own or make or a pointer or advice or suggestion for...Pants That Work? :)

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Re: A wish (Lament?) For Pants That Work aka "Man....what?"
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2017, 06:21:49 AM »
I wear paned breeches (with a disguised fly) and sewed on buttons and use suspenders, which obviously are under my doublet.  Works great unless you ever need to 'drop' them completely, but not that big of a deal (for me at least).
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