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First Time at TRF - Highland Fling!
« on: November 14, 2017, 02:10:47 PM »
Excited to be making my first visit to TRF this weekend for the Highland Fling! I say "first", but I'm told reliably by my parents that we went when I was a child. A friend and I are flying to Houston from New York Friday morning, and we've reserved one of the new VIP tents. I've already packed a giant roller with garb, and I'm looking forward to a fantastic weekend.

Any tips for a first-time TRFer? What are the "must-sees"? Which clans are going to be camping this weekend? I'd love to stop by and say hello. I went to faires (Scarborough, Norman, KC - apparently TRF) as a kid, but really got back into them the past five years or so after a long gap. I frequent the New York Renaissance Faire, but I've also done PA, MD, AZ, and MA over the past few years. I'm a bit of an aspiring Rennie...

I'll be wearing a black and grey wool kilt Saturday, curly-toed Son of Sandlar boots, a fur shoulder stole and a Robin Hood-style hat with a feather that suggests overcompensation (it isn't). Sunday I may be in gold tights and leather. Maybe a black leather crown. Definitely be at the bon fires, may swing by After Dark. Say hello!

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