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Interested in Feedback

Started by Leonardo, December 08, 2017, 12:42:37 AM

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I am about to publish a couple of novels through Amazon and I'd like some feedback on my tagline.  Let me know if you saw this if it would grab your interest and make you want to read a book like this:

Soul Mates

Rebecca Doogan is a romance novelist with a problem... she has no romance in her life.  After a savage beating at the hands of her ex-husband, Rebecca meets a stranger named Brendan.  Rebecca must decide if he is truly the man of her dreams or if she is slowly going insane and retreating to the make believe worlds that she creates in her novels.

Rebecca's current novel is a love story that crosses the ages.  A man vows revenge for the death of the woman he loves and makes a pact with the devil.  He searches throughout time for the reincarnated soul of his lost love. Rebecca's question is if a story is just a story...

Imagine being so completely in love...

...That you would sacrifice everything...

...For just one more moment...

...For one last kiss...


Okay things are moving forward, here is my official book cover!
The final manuscript review is being done and it should be available on Amazon Books in a couple of weeks.  Yes it does have something to do with the medieval period, part of the book takes place in the 1400/1500s :)