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Performers looking for financial aid

Started by Toua Taru, January 29, 2019, 07:04:12 PM

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Toua Taru

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I offered to help spread the word for the performers The Jackdaws and a few other acts that performed with them at a faire in Alabama --> here is their post and a link to their Facebook page ( for more details on their PayPal account page:

QuoteAn Open Letter to Our Friends and Fans

This month we packed all our gear up and headed north to Alabama for our first show of the 2019 Season. Us, along with other awesome acts like Knights of Valor, Equiferus, and The Wheel of Death performed ably under terrible weather conditions and low attendance.

As of today, The Wiregrass Renaissance Faire has yet to pay us our agreed upon amount. The same goes for most of the acts. Full time acts hauled horses and equipment and hired employees and bought insurance under the promise of payment.

As many of you know, this is what we do for a living. We are not local performers that do this on the side for fun and extra cash. This is our sole livelihood and we have children and animals and mortgages that are supported by the work we do across the country.

Sometimes we get screwed. But to be screwed in the beginning of the year when we are coming off of the slow winter season is something that can cripple an act for the rest of the year. This is when we buy cds and merchandise for the season, pay our insurance premiums, and get our vehicles roadworthy. All things that are a requirement in this business.

We hate doing this, but we've been hit hard by this financial loss. If anyone would care to donate a few bucks to help us put gas in our tanks and buy some cds, you can send it to:

Any little bit helps.

You might also consider checking in on Knights of Valor and Caleb Asch of Equiferus. These acts took the biggest financial hit.


The Jackdaws
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