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Symbol Of Pride | Blackwatch Tartan and Tartan Kilt

Started by kiltguide, January 15, 2020, 06:36:42 AM

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The Black Watch tartan, associated with the British infantry regiment of the same name, has a long and interesting history. Alternatively known as Grant Hunting or Government tartan, Black Watch tartan was worn first by the six "watch" companies that once patrolled the Highlands.
The Black Watch Tartan was said to be used by the Independent Companies. They policed the Highlands under General Wade who was formed in 1725 and later evolved into the Black Watch in 1739. The tartan has been known by various names.
It was worn in the proscribed period (1746–1782) when the highland dress was banned by an Act of Parliament by Government servants and regiments in American wars. Thus it was called the 'Government' or 'Hanoverian' tartan. It is the same tartan as the Campbell clan tartan. The reason is much argued. It might be that out of the original six Independent Companies four were commanded by Campbells. These days it is used as a 'Universal' tartan so wearable by anyone who has no tartan or clan connections.

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Black Watch is one of the most famous, and popular, tartans ever, recognized the world over.
Are You Looking For Blackwatch Tartan Kilts as a Symbol Of Pride

Black Watch tartan
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Whatever item of highland dress you're looking to buy, Scottish Kilt guarantees a superior finished product. Popular choices for the Black Watch Tartan include; kilts, tartan trousers, tartan skirts, scarves, and rugs.