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Not looking good for MNRF

Started by groomporter, July 17, 2020, 01:34:18 PM

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A booth owner got this Email from Scott County.

"Thanks for contacting us. I asked our County Administration and Public Health to respond, and here is the reply: "The Ren Fest is required to submit a plan to the state to get a waiver/approval on having a large gathering as they numbers they are looking at exceed what is currently allowed by the Executive Order, similar to what Canterbury did to get permission to re-open. However, they submitted a plan which was rejected as it did not conform to current law. This is required to enable them to proceed with the Festival. It was quite subpar and basically only include having hand sanitizer available.

The state told them to revise their plan and ensure it included how they were going to limit each area to 250, with a maximum of 5,000 per day, seated guests and no interaction between actors and guests. They are currently waiting for them to resubmit. [County Public Health has] requested a copy of the submission and their response but have not received one to date. "The County does not have a role in the decision (which is different than Colorado for example).

As a caveat though, [the County] would have a role in enforcing the order. Additionally, [the state is] considering creating an EO (Executive Order) for bars and restaurants with punitive action if they violate as they are seeing a huge spike in cases connected with the hospitality industry. They mentioned today that the locals would need to enforce this also." I know this doesn't sufficiently address your concerns, but perhaps contact the MDH for more information?"
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Sounds like there may be some announcement by management on Wednesday.

Wednesday would be the 22nd. We're supposed to open 8/22nd could be it's the earliest date for an "force majeure" clause in contracts to go into effect so they can cancel and collect on event insurance, or not have to pay their suppliers.
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Rumor du jour is they are looking at delaying opening to Labor Day weekend.
When you die can you donate your body to pseudo-science?