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TRF requiring participants to be vaccinated?

Started by groomporter, August 12, 2021, 09:51:14 PM

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The was reported on a booth owners group on Facebook.
There is an option for a medical or religious waiver, but they said that even with an approved waiver TRF will "not guarantee that you will be cleared to work at the 2021 festival"
When you die can you donate your body to pseudo-science?

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh

sounds like total vaccination is whats needed to operate at TRF. I have no problem with it but other folks may. good luck with operating in TRF's realm.
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When you die can you donate your body to pseudo-science?


Yeah, their FB page is exploding. Between that and the new ticket sales, people have lost their minds. They are doing date specific tickets for their regular online ticket sales. It doesn't include the special early bird sales they already did, which are any day tickets. And the new camping passes are now per individual. Glad I take advantage of sale every year! It will be another interesting year! Personally, I can't wait for the weather to cool down and enjoy a day at faire!
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