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Clans at TRF

Started by KeeperoftheBar, June 28, 2023, 07:22:15 AM

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I saw from the TRF website that almost all reference to clans has been removed from the camping tab.  No pre-sited clan areas, nothing.  Heartbreaking but I guess management is trying to appeal to a different market.  Clans used to be the heart and soul of the campground, providing entertainment and protection. Now we are cast aside and ignored.

I guess I will have to get my renn fix at Sherwood more than TRF. It will be tough as I haven't missed a season since I first began going in 1991.  I do wonder if it will become like the in the past where clans that still participate send 'stakeholders' early to claim their spots. 

It seems that TRF is trying REALLY hard to convince me to stop attending. 
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Interesting. I went and looked it over also. The map is redone with all clans removed and no mention of them on the site. I kinda liked them having their reserved spots just because it helped us decide the areas to avoid setting up camp. We prefer some distance from clans. I guess we are now back to full on free for all...
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