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Welcome to the Faire Favors and Tokens Thread

This thread is for everyone to post their favorite designs or tokens and favors. It doesn't matter what it is - if you're proud of it show it off. As usual, just a few rules to help keep everything straight.

Rules for Posting

1. This thread is for faire favors and token postings and discussions ONLY. Please do not post random comments about the sky, grass, or kittens - unless you are giving them away as favors.

2. Please be respectful of those that take the time to post their work.

3. Have Fun!

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Well here goes,

Pardon picture quality & size my phone isn't the best for pictures but you get the idea.

A little polymer clay, embossing powder and other assorted madness = one Phoenix shaped favor for this year. 2 done 48 to go, maybe I should get put on bedrest just so I can get these finished. ;D

Excellent favor design!


--- Quote from: Phoenix on May 13, 2008, 10:34:09 PM ---maybe I should get put on bedrest just so I can get these finished. ;D

--- End quote ---

Hey it worked for me! Here are mine...and they're DONE....well actually I ran out of sheep and wheels so I gotta buy more.


I don't have pictures of my actual favors yet but no two are alike... apart from the fairy charms I'm using.  I'll take pics tonight and post them... and then get my butt working on finishing the rest.


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