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Faire Favors and Tokens

Started by Magister, May 12, 2008, 09:03:27 AM

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Element of Air

QuoteI am giving them away, mostly to people I meet at my home faire, The Sterling Renaissance Festival.  I designed them and had a company make them for me.

Oh my gosh, that is great! How cool to have a company make them for you. Congrats to that! I am sure they are going to go very quickly! You have some wonderful designs and I am sure everyone who receives one will be very honored.
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CB would you be willing to share the company's info?  My favor lady stopped her favor biz to persue other interests.....


Diva, I love the new favors!!  The faeries are beautiful!
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Quote from: mehan on May 23, 2008, 08:17:53 AM
CB would you be willing to share the company's info?  My favor lady stopped her favor biz to persue other interests.....

Lapelpinsuperstore for the Theodore Pins

Monterey Company for the "A Faire Lover" ones.

You can google them.


Click on my website icon on the left to view my photo album of garb and items.



Beautiful work,all of them!

* thinks a minute*

Aaah! I have to get to work on mine for Twig!
BTW, I actually learned some jewelry making skills, so they sahouldn't fall apart this time!LOL!
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This was my first time working OR going to our local was such a hoot, I can't believe I missed it all those other times!!  We are working on coming up with a coursing demo and making much needed improvments in our space in the Scottish encampment as well.  I have heard people talking about and have seen at a distance some favors from past faires...I am a bit confused as to just what the " requirements" are for these.  Some of them look really professional and then there are those at the other end of the spectrum, but look great!  I am wondering what do's or don'ts you might have to share re: favors , the way they are presented, the way the attach...pretty much anything!  Does anyone ever do pieces that can be added to the following year??
....come on, spill it~!

Once Debauched

I believe favors are anything you want them to be.  As long as it fastens in some way I don't believe there are any set rules or strict guidelines.  Least I hope not for the gods know I didn't follow any!

Craft to your little hearts content!


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I too, am curious about "Favors"...

Is there some "Protocol" as to giving and getting them?
How should one display a "Favor"?

...more to follow.
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Here are my first favors...I gave them out this year at GARF. I'm attending CRF this year, so I'll take some with me to pass out there too. I've learned that favors can be anything...usually they are able to be fastened to clothing (like mine are pins) but they don't have to be. They are to be passed out to ren friends or cast or performers that you enjoy. I gave favors to the Nickel Shakespeare Girls and to my fave musical group Three Quarter Ale this year. I hope to meet more people from the forum and will be happy to share favors with them too. You can exchange favors with others, if they make them as well...its a token, from you to show your appreciation for someone. The design on mine is a fleur de lis...I have this, I thought it was something to remind people of me, but also fit the theme of faire! My favors were very easy to make...and a lot of fun. I used a stamp on "shrinky dink" plastic and baked it. Once cooled, I glued them to the round wooden backing and attached pins to the back...I wrote my name and the faire initials on the back of the pin so people remembered who and when it was from. I hope all this helps...I'm a newbie to favors, but this has been my experience! Enjoy!! Have fun making them!

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Here's another example...this is Joni Minstrel, from the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Her favors are displayed on her hat...I know others who make a sash to wear on their belts to attach favors...when they run out of room on their lapels, bodices, hats...etc!
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Anyone else?

Can some of you that've collected them over the years post a pic of the ones you've been given?  I'm working on designing one for a friend and always like to see what approaches others have taken.


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Sorry..... I don't  have any photos of the favors I hand out.Yet.  But I take three miniature silk roses and glue them onto a pin back.
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Hey Pinn, I think I have some of your favors from TN. I'll post a pic if you'd like...
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I've heard the piece of cloth that is sewn specifically for favors called a brag swag or something of the like.
Some people wear every single favor ever given to them, while others, only wear some very special to every faire/season they attend. I have not made my favors yet but Element of Air and I are having our little favor making party next week when I drive down to see her.

I thought I'd take a photo of the favors/favor like gifts that were given to me this past season of Scarborough. There's a lot of great memories attached to these...

The SF Town Crier ribbon was given to me by my friend, ladymysty on the old board, who was Apprentice Town Crier at Scarby this past season. Usually only the kids would get these for doing stupid human tricks. But I wanted one of these ribbons so I told her that I'd do a stupid human trick. What entailed though, was taking a handfull of the roasted Kings Nuts and walking out to near one of the seated areas and yelling loudly for all to hear, "Not only are these nuts warm, but they're hairless!" ...oh did I mention, I had to yell it three times? :P

White orange and red fathered favor was given to me by Element of Air, the English coat of Arms from Lady Guiniviere aka Guinny, the handcuffs from Stefan de Deva, the RF in runes on wood from JM Gryphon, the rose from Lady Ann of Draycott, and the treasure chest from Trigger.

Sure does make me miss everyone...  :-*
Still Meggers, just a little more grown up now. :)